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What do Perpetual Travellers dislike most about Airports?

Well, there is a lot to dislike about airports when you really think about it; for example, there’s the pre-travel arrangements for a start, getting to the airport, especially a Budget airport and if that isn’t bad enough we then have the pleasure of actually arriving to the airport itself, not knowing what we may find when we get there!

Depending upon which airport you find yourself in, the service, attitude and facilities can vary dramatically often lacking consistency when it comes to Rules and Regulations; by this I also refer to Security. It’s difficult to find 2 airports who operate by exactly the same system and layout.

What we need is a team of independent international “Airport Inspectors” representing consumers to check and regulate Airport facilities, in order to ensure that the Perpetual Traveller out there has at least some fundamental comforts concerning communications, toilet related conveniences, clean water, soap and somewhere to eat and adequate public seating. I’m …

The Cyprus Citizenship Program - How to find freedom in an unfree world!

Freedom is the opportunity to live your life the way you want it. These are the words of Harry Browne who wrote the book "How I found freedom in an unfree world".

As a leading Immigration Advisory Group, we are assisting our clients worldwide and providing essential solutions to our High Net worth Clients interested in advantageous programs that offer them and their family's visa free travelling, EU Permanent Residency & Citizenship, a Safe Investment in Residential and Commercial Property, legal and tax solutions.

Under our Group's specialized guidance we advise and assist businessmen and their family's to expand their business into the European Union and beyond.

The Cyprus Citizenship Program is currently one of the most desirable Immigration Programs in Europe attracting a huge response due to the very attractive key benefits

Key points:
Passports to be issued within a period of approximately 90 daysPassports to be issued to the investor, their married spo…

Dubai World EXPO 2020 - Welcome to the future!

World EXPO 2020 in Dubai promises to be one of the greatest ever and is likely to be executed in the true futuristic style of this rapidly advancing destination.

The event itself will feature 3 core themes as follows:

1. Connectivity
The importance of bringing people together from all cultures and nationalities on earth.

2. Mobility
The movement of people throughout geography, borders and landscapes.

3. Opportunity
Unlocking the potential of people and their communities.

The Dubai World EXPO 2020 grounds are expected to fill a massive 20 Hectares of land within the planned gated area, which throughout the entire period of operation is expected to receive some 25 million visitors. The average daily forecast suggests the need to handle up to 150,000 people and on peak days 280,000 visitors are expected to attend, which effectively indicates the edges of maximum capacity. No doubt Emirates Airlines are actively scheduling towards this forecasted volume of …

Perpetual Traveller - Travel Warnings 2017 - Week 20

In the wise words of Bill Hill who developed the concept of Perpetual Traveller, the most dangerous place in the world is where you are right now! Most Perpetual Travellers explore and travel to new countries relentlessly around our planet, however there are risks associated to this, hence Perpetual Traveller Overseas will now develop a Weekly Report to warn you about travel risks.

Here is our first release!

A number of protests are expected to take place across Brazil over the coming weeks in response to political developments. Roads and public transport may be severely disrupted. Avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place, monitor local media and follow the advice from the local authorities.

A number of British and foreign visitors have died in Vietnam while engaged in adventure tourism in rural areas; don’t stray off main routes and, where required, take a reputable guide; (Road travel) - updated information on taking taxis.

South Korea
Updated inf…

Sunlight lowers Blood Pressure; could this be a boost for the Travel Industry?

Ever since Coco Channel returned from holiday sporting a bronze Suntan some decades ago the Travel Industry has blossomed into the worlds greatest industry, which every country and region seeks to capitalize on.
In recent times however sun-tanning has been linked to cancer and it's becoming somewhat unfashionable partly due to health reasons. However, this could all change now, as Scientists weigh up the benefits of sunlight as opposed to the dangers. The balance is tipping!

The trouble with Science is that today's knowledge will be proved wrong by new knowledge tomorrow in ever increasing circles of knowledge. Researches at the University of Edinburgh have now found that exposure to ultraviolet light actually lowers our blood pressure.

It's commonly known that high blood pressure is one of the main risk factors in heart disease and stroke. Approximately a third of the population on earth suffer from this.

According to scientists, UV rays in sunlight cause nitrogen s…

The 10 best treks in the world!

These 10 classic treks are for serious walkers. All of them require a sturdy pair of lungs, fit legs and a good amount of preparation. However, if you choose to go on any of these trails then you will be rewarded with experiences that last a lifetime. In no particular order:

1. GR20, France

This demanding 15- day (168km, 104mi) slog through Corsica is legendary for the diversity of landscapes it traverses. There are forests, granite moonscapes, windswept craters, glacial lakes, torrents, peat bogs, maquis, snow-capped peaks, plains and névés (stretches of ice formed from snow). But it doesn’t come easy: the path is rocky and sometimes steep, and includes rickety bridges and slippery rock faces – all part of the fun. Created in 1972, the GR20 links Calenzana, in the Balagne, with Conca, north of Porto Vecchio.
2. Inca Trail, Peru

This 33km (20mi) ancient trail was laid by the Incas and is currently traversed by thousands each year. The trail leads from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu …

Emirates Airline announce a Triple Decker Aircraft with a Swimming Pool and Park

As an avid Perpetual Traveller you may have seen a post from Emirates which went viral at one point, that the airline unveiled plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The so called Triple-Decker named APR001 apparently featured a swimming pool, games room, gym and park.

This aroused great interest and Emirates seemingly once again hit the headlines with a new innovation! Future passengers started to visualize leaving their seats and going for a leisurely swim in their on-board swimming pool facility. Alternatively, even a spot of fun at the games room.

Fact or Fiction

Before anyone gets carried away, it's important to check the date of the post on the calendar. The announcement by Emirates was actually posted on 1st April 2017, with the aircraft carrying the same dateline. Emirates hilariously posted the above/below images on the Social Media of its new facilities on board the futuristic and in fact imaginary aircraft "Triple-Decker APR001". In posts on Twi…