A 'Ring of Steel' is being planned for London's Square Mile by 2022

A robust "ring of steel" estimated to cost in the region of £5 million GBP has been proposed to protect the skyscrapers of London's famous and highly revered "Square Mile" from an impending terrorist attack.

The methodology proposes manned checkpoints, rising street bollards and crash-proof barricades in addition to other more subtle security measures. This new development is in line with advice provided from MI5, as well as the counter-terrorism police in the UK.

A recent Corporation of London report pointed towards this critical area of London, as being highly sensitive to a hostile vehicle-borne security threat, hence additional security protections were called for.

Such advice comes about in the background of numerous terror attacks across European cities in recent times and the ring of steel is believed to be the best way to protect the heart of London's financial district.

London's first ring of steel was a response to IRA bombs in …

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