World's Top Airport Runway Approaches Listed

The best 10 airport approaches in the world have been listed in a report produced by aviation firm PrivateFly. The airport locations vary from busy urban locations to barren landscapes, but all give pilots and passengers exhilarating and striking views as they prepare to make contact with the approaching runways. Sion Airport in Switzerland heads the list, sat in an Alpine valley that inbound aircraft fly through before landing, while the dramatic Princess Juliana International Airport comes in second.

The remainder of the top ten best airports list is comprised of St Barts Airport, Gibraltar Airport, St Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Madeira Airport, London City Airport, Lukla Airport, Las Vegas McCarran Airport and, finally, Barra Airport.
World’s Top Airport Approaches
Switzerland’s Sion is described in the world’s top airport approaches list as ‘Europe’s most stunning airport’. Two months ago, it was awarded another accolade when it won a high-profile airport safety award. St Gallen-A…

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