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Guidance for holidays in September and October around the world!

Some claim September and October to be one of the best periods to go for holidays. However, do you know where to go to have the best vacation experience?

Wondering when to go where for the best vacation experience in September or October? The weather is optimal in many spots. And do you know the very best thing about taking a vacation at this time of year? Kids are in school, so you're unlikely to encounter the hordes of family travelers who fill popular destinations during summer vacation time. Odds are you will find some of the best fall weather in:

As summer turns to fall, foliage emerges and trees transform hills into a patchwork of colors. Crisp fall days are perfect for leaf-peeping, the last state fairs of the season, and romance.
Best Resorts for Fall Foliage
New England & Northeast US
Western US
State Fairs

Yes, much of the Caribbean remains under a hurricane watch during the early autumn months (it's not lifted un…

How much would you pay to escape from a screaming Baby in-flight?

We have all been there; in your hand the perfect Boarding Card with a decent seat, a great airline to serve you, but when you get to the seat a crying Baby right next to you or several crying babies all around you! Now my life has turned the other way round, as I am the apologetic parent taking care fot he crying baby, what else can you do?
Well, finally airlines are beginning to listen! A Budget airline called Scoot is now offering passengers the option to upgrade their seats to a dedicated a "Quiet Zone" where crying babies and children are banned.

Scoot, is the low cost wing of Singapore Airlines and now offers customers the option of a peaceful flight for the cost of around $15 USD. The promise is focused on exclusivity and privacy. here away under 12 year olds are banned from the first 7 rows of its economy 41-seat section.
Moreover, each seat in the quiet zone, comes with extra leg room; up to 35 inches in fact, which is 4 more inches than a standard economy seat.


The Cyprus Citizenship Program - How to find freedom in an unfree world!

Freedom is the opportunity to live your life the way you want it. These are the words of Harry Browne who wrote the book "How I found freedom in an unfree world".

As a leading Immigration Advisory Group, we are assisting our clients worldwide and providing essential solutions to our High Net worth Clients interested in advantageous programs that offer them and their family's visa free travelling, EU Permanent Residency & Citizenship, a Safe Investment in Residential and Commercial Property, legal and tax solutions.

Under our Group's specialized guidance we advise and assist businessmen and their family's to expand their business into the European Union and beyond.

The Cyprus Citizenship Program is currently one of the most desirable Immigration Programs in Europe attracting a huge response due to the very attractive key benefits

Key points:
Passports to be issued within a period of approximately 90 daysPassports to be issued to the investor, their married spo…

World's Top Airport Runway Approaches Listed

The best 10 airport approaches in the world have been listed in a new report produced by aviation firm PrivateFly. The airport locations vary from busy urban locations to barren landscapes, but all give pilots and passengers exhilarating and striking views as they prepare to make contact with the approaching runways. Sion Airport in Switzerland heads the list, sat in an Alpine valley that inbound aircraft fly through before landing, while the dramatic Princess Juliana International Airport comes in second.

The remainder of the top ten best airports list is comprised of St Barts Airport, Gibraltar Airport, St Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Madeira Airport, London City Airport, Lukla Airport, Las Vegas McCarran Airport and, finally, Barra Airport.
World’s Top Airport Approaches
Switzerland’s Sion is described in the world’s top airport approaches list as ‘Europe’s most stunning airport’. Two months ago, it was awarded another accolade when it won a high-profile airport safety award. St Gall…

How to travel and lose weight in synergy while reversing the tide of age; now that’s NEAT!

As I passed the 50 year old mark and the kilo count started to gradually rise, I resorted to all manner of excuses such as “I have heavy bones”, “my metabolic rate is extremely low” or my recent favorite (somewhat justified until now) “I just don’t have time to workout due my business schedule”. If I travel overseas every week, how can I possibly join a Gym for example or follow any regular fitness schedule? Now I have found the answer and it appears to be rather compelling, so I would like to share!

The fact is that science is moving fast in the field of weight regulation. The latest “Buzz Word” that has gained traction and worthy attention is a phenomenon called "NEAT" (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). For purposes of simplicity, this involves the energy expended in everything we physically do that does not involve eating, sleeping or sport-related activities. Examples of such every day physical activity are merely walking to work or to a meeting, typing, fidgeting a…

Qatar to permit visa free travel to 80 countries

Qatar announced last week that it would be permit visa-free entry for citizens from a massive 80 countries, in a move that is expected to enhance air transport and tourism in the country.

Nationals from literally dozens of countries in Europe and elsewhere, including but not limited to the below list need only present a valid passport to enter:
IndiaLebanonNew ZealandSouth AfricaUnited States The full list of countries has been divided into 2 types as follows:
33 countries whose citizens can gain a visa waiver on arrival, that is valid for 180 days.While the waiver for nationals from the 47 other countries is valid for 30 days. This proactive Qatar Tourism Authority induced measure, will facilitate visitor arrivals for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and immediately support the development of Cruise Tourism by making the Immigration process passenger friendly and cost effective. Moreover, it will attractive a multitude of source markets.

Perpetual Traveller Worldwide Travel Warnings Week 32

The risk and threat level seems to be ever rising across the world, hence your travel intelligence could make all the difference between a good experience and facing a disaster. Perpetual Traveller Overseas is committed to sharing insight to all our readers to give you the best available information on the ground. Be sure to check our Travel Warning each week before you travel and remember the most dangerous place in the world is where you are right now - never confuse familiarity with risk.

Here is our worldwide Travel Warning Report for Week 32:

Military troops have been deployed to Rio de Janeiro since 27 July 2017; with an operational focus on organised crime such as drug trafficking, illegal firearms and cargo theft. Violence and crime can occur anywhere and often involve firearms or other weapons. You should be vigilant, particularly before and during the festive and carnival periods.

A general election will take place in July 2018; It’s possible that political…