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The World’s Worst Tourism Slogans

It seems like every country or region in the world these days is a "Wanna Be" when it comes to Tourism. New market are constantly opening with new authorities getting in on the act. This in turn points a lot of people that don't really know what they are doing along with some spectacularly bad slogans!
Here are s few World's Worst contenders: Hilton: “Travel should take you places” - Indeed it should, but for a major Hotel chain it's rather a pointless statement. Perhaps Travel could “take you some place fascinating”. One only wonders how many people stayed at the Hilton because "Travel should take you places?". Fargo, North Dakota’s “Always Warm!” - They are having a laugh! Anyone that has actually been there knows it’s warm in the summer and hellish cold for the remainder of the year. Perhaps this slogan was referring to the Hospitality, however  it does not say that!British Colombia’s  “The Best Place on Earth” - Words like ambitious come to mind or e…

Tongue and Cheek Airline and Aviation Acronyms

The Travel Industry the world over features its own brand of insider amusing coded language and quirky communications.

None of this is directly intended to cause offense, neither does it necessarily serve to be an accurate indication of service levels or the qualities of the organizations involved, Moreover, as you will notice, some no longer exist. Instead they were likely created at moments of creativity or by way of a travellers frustrated expression to have a laugh.

Some of these acronyms or more precisely 'backronyms' and can be potentially offensive, so if you are very easily offended, then this is not a recommended read.
Here goes in alphabetical order: AIR INDIA After I Return I'll Never Do It Again.ALITALIA Always Late In Take-off, Always Late In Arrival!AWAAmerica's Worst Airline.BEA Britian's Excuse for an Airline BOACBoys Overseas After CrumpetBWIABut Will It Arrive? or Britain's Worst Investment Abroad!DELTA Divert Everyone's Luggage To Atlanta…

The Oldest Garden of Japan: an Unforgettable Walk Through Exquisite Scenery

If you have ever wished for a leisurely stroll through one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, the garden of Koishikawa Korakuen in Tokyo is your go-to place! One of Japan's most beautiful gardens, "Koishikawa" originates from a poem encouraging a ruler to enjoy life only after achieving happiness for his people.

It is one of the best places for walking as it features numerous trails you which you can stroll along and drink in the scenery at your leisure. It also emulates famous landscapes of Japanese and Chinese scenery with ponds, stones, trees and manmade hills.

Koishikawa Korakuen is open to visitors at all times during the year.

During the plum season (mid February through March) and cherry blossom season (late March to early April), the garden is especially beautiful due to early blooming weeping trees around the entrance gate. The following 2 images offer a glimpse of what you can expect.

Sailing in Greece is One of a Kind Experience

The sailing industry in Greece is very much matured with extremely well maintained Yacht chartering services available readily. There is no better action in Greece than sailing its beautiful waters. Sunny Sailing offers one of the best Yacht charter in Greece.

Every Yacht here is as good as new and its filled with all the luxury wanted to make your sailing trip enjoyable and most comfortable one ever. They also have interesting Flotilla sailing packages that is best opted by tourists who travel with family and kids.

The Ionian seas provide the perfect location to start sailing in Greece - Despite losing some of its freshness and most of the flowers, the Ionian and Northern Aegean islands will remain green and fertile throughout the whole sailing season.

You can really avail good and economic Yacht charters before May. From the last week of July to the first week of September the beaches of Greece attracts a lot of tourists and there may be a demand for Yachts. So its always advisabl…

10 things to know before visiting Israel, the West Bank and Gaza

The Holy Land makes for inspiring, fascinating, confusing travel. To some, the chunk of territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is all Israel. To others, it's all Palestine. For most -- as is true so often in this region of shifting truths and manipulated historical narratives -- it's a bit of both.

1. For beaches, it's Red, Med or Dead
Israel is hemmed in by sea. The Red Sea is popular for beaches, snorkeling and diving.
Eilat has snorkeling and beach activities on the Red Sea side. Rosh HaNikra has stunning cliffs on the Mediterranean Sea side. At the Dead Sea you can float away at Ein Bokek, where the salty waters of this inland lake effortlessly support your body.

2. Identity is complicated
Onlookers frequently cast the conflict here as simply between Jews and Arabs.
Axe-grinders on both sides like to evoke an enduring death-struggle between Muslims and Jews.
But for long stretches of history, no such struggle existed. In truth, the problems …

Navigating through Airport Security with a little dignity

Ask yourself; is this the posture of a free man?
The original concept of this article was conceived towards the end of my marathon journey vacation in 2009, which ended as I arrived to London Heathrow to see a rather disturbing sign, posted just prior to the Immigration check, with these telling and unwelcoming words...
"Tougher checks take longer"

What has travel come to? My instant reaction at the time was to resist and say to myself "this statement is only true in a disorganized system with insufficient trained staff and advanced techniques to manage the flow of people". The years that followed demonstrated that despite the extra security checks and the ensuing dehumanization security process we are all subjected to on a regular basis, our safety or even the perception of it has not improved one jot!

The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of travellers never asked for extra checks in the first place and many believe a more intelligent approach should…

The Hotel Taxi Scam you need to avoid!

This scam in essence is a common play conducted by Hotels across the world that do not value their clients best financial interests. In its simplest form, whenever a Hotel Guest requests to the Concierge or Reception for a Taxi to the airport or wherever, the Hotel calls a Taxi Company or worse still a friend of someone with whom they have crafted a commission based deal.
Essentially the commission becomes a kind of surcharge and the Hotel Guest will end up paying significantly more for the ride. The minimum mark up is around 5 euro and the maximum can even go up to 50 euro in extreme cases for longer rides. This scam manifests its way in various forms around the world. At London Heathrow Airport Hotels for example, commonly private cars are used (even unofficial on occasions). Some 5 star Hotels justify the unofficial surcharge by arranging for a Limousine or Luxury car, even if you just asked for a mere Cab.

SOLUTIONThe first rule of the thumb is to simply never blindly trust a Hote…