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Emirates Airline announce a Triple Decker Aircraft with a Swimming Pool and Park

As an avid Perpetual Traveller you may have seen a post from Emirates which went viral at one point, that the airline unveiled plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The so called Triple-Decker named APR001 apparently featured a swimming pool, games room, gym and park.

This aroused great interest and Emirates seemingly once again hit the headlines with a new innovation! Future passengers started to visualize leaving their seats and going for a leisurely swim in their on-board swimming pool facility. Alternatively, even a spot of fun at the games room.

Fact or Fiction

Before anyone gets carried away, it's important to check the date of the post on the calendar. The announcement by Emirates was actually posted on 1st April 2017, with the aircraft carrying the same dateline. Emirates hilariously posted the above/below images on the Social Media of its new facilities on board the futuristic and in fact imaginary aircraft "Triple-Decker APR001". In posts on Twi…

Amusing double-meanings to cheer you up

In these rather depressing times of austerity, here is something to bring a smile to your face!
A pun is best described as a humorous message that exploits 2 words or expressions sounding the same with two different meanings (usually with 2 different spellings). Puns are in fact one of the great wonders of the English language.

For anyone who seeks to demonstrate the confusing nature of English words and phrases, these examples of funny and clever puns will likely serve your needs. 100% reliable contraception is inconceivable! Serious campers are intense. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Sports people can avoid the pain of defeat by wearing comfortable shoes. Nut screws washers and bolts. (Headline following a laundrerette sex crime) Poetry written upside-down is inverse; poetry of very few lines is universal. A girl who screamed and shouted for a pony got a little hoarse. The carpenter's heavy tools were uncomfortable so he got a little sore. Nuns generally we…

Funny Observations at Larnaca Airport during the peak summer high season

As a businessman and Perpetual Traveller of around 100 flights a year, I am forever forever struck by the people who pass through Larnaca Airport in Cyprus during the the crazy summer months.

I have passed the point of crying and now simply laugh when I observe the below sites and sounds of Larnaca Airport:

The tacky sight of Northern Europeans arriving to the airport with their brightly coloured Hotel "All Inclusive" wrist bands still on. Someone needs to tell them that it doesn't work outside the Hotel! I wonder how much hey spent outside the Hotel on holiday?

I can't help but giggle to see the many Russian travellers make rather dis-approving facial expressions when they see the rather long "All Passports" queue at the immigration, as opposed to the far shorter EU only Fast Track Line!

Quite why the Greek speaking Security personnel shout in Greek to clearly Northern European tourists and expect…

Extremely Funny signs from around the world!

Signage around the world works on the principle of "Symbolic Reasoning" whereby humans are the only species on planet earth able to give special meaning to a piece of metal or plastic with letters on it. Normally we leave those who focus on symbols to the symbol minded! However, no doubt you have come across signs on your travels that seem to make no sense! Some of them confusing and others make you roar with laughter.

Perpetual Traveller has complied collection of funny signs from different countries and places (compliments of our wonderful readers), just to convince you that craziness is common and shared in every country!

Worst Things that Could Happen on a Trip!

Have you ever wondered what's the worst that could happen to you when travelling?
We travellers, in order to prevent this from happening, went beyond all the wondering and made a list with all the worst case scenarios one may live on a trip! Lose your flight or have a long delay or even have it cancelled; under this category you will find flight cancellations when you don't have a single penny to pay for another one. Imagine that happening when you need to return to your homeland after a long yet expensive trip. Have your luggage with all the important staff you are going to need lost (by the Airlines Company or not), forgotten somewhere or robbed! Get in a car accident in your rented car with all the possible collateral damage such as injuries, hospitals, police, lawyers, embassies etc.Arrive at "what seemed online to be an excellent hotel" and realise it's a hole with shared rooms or even shared bathrooms (It happens more than you think)!
Get drunk and wake up in …