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Navigating through Airport Security with a little dignity

Ask yourself; is this the posture of a free man?
The original concept of this article was conceived towards the end of my marathon journey vacation in 2009, which ended as I arrived to London Heathrow to see a rather disturbing sign, posted just prior to the Immigration check, with these telling and unwelcoming words...
"Tougher checks take longer"

What has travel come to? My instant reaction at the time was to resist and say to myself "this statement is only true in a disorganized system with insufficient trained staff and advanced techniques to manage the flow of people". The years that followed demonstrated that despite the extra security checks and the ensuing dehumanization security process we are all subjected to on a regular basis, our safety or even the perception of it has not improved one jot!

The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of travellers never asked for extra checks in the first place and many believe a more intelligent approach should…

7 victims killed in crash at Nevada air race identified

Authorities have identified seven of the 10 people who died following a crash at an air show in Reno, Nevada, on Friday.

The list includes the pilot, 74-year-old Jimmy Leeward, who lost control of his vintage plane before it plummeted into a crowd of spectators.

Seven people, including the pilot, were killed on the tarmac, while three others died at area hospitals. Almost 70 people were injured.

The six others identified are Joseph Wogan, 22, of Arizona; George and Wendy Hewitt of Washington state; Regina Bynum, 53, of Texas; Sharon Stewart, 47, of Nevada; and Gregory Morcom, 47, from Washington state.

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board announced Sunday that the small World War II-era plane was equipped with data and video recording devices that they hope to use to help determined what happened and why.

NTSB member Mark Rosekind described the devices, as well as the discovery of information and pieces that may have come from the devices, as "significant n…

Passenger Sleepbox Installed at Moscow Airport

New technology on exhibition at one of Moscow's busiest airports is giving passengers a break from the stress and the tiredness that air travel can cause.

Designed by Arch Group, the Sleepbox isn't a new idea in itself, but it's arguably the most effective realisation of the passenger relaxation concept, giving weary travellers a place to recharge in between flights, or in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

It's not uncommon for passengers to need to book into local hotels, when faced with the prospect of having to wait overnight for their morning flight. That's not always a straightforward process, especially in foreign countries. The Sleepbox effectively takes away this need, bringing a kind of basic hotel experience straight to them instead. It can be supplied in a variety of fits but the one at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport boasts a pair of beds in a bunk bed arrangement, space for luggage storage, a nightstand and a desk, and it's…

2014 the year of airline accidents and incidents, but what about the Air France Air Safety record closer to home?

2014 was an dramatic year where airline accident and incidents was concerned. We can all recall the 2 major Malaysian Airlines incidents which dominated the media and generated much conspiracy. Just before the end of the year Air Asia experienced it's first ever major accident.

At PT, we would like to remind our readers if they are considering never to fly on an Aisan Airline again that some of our European National Carriers do not have great records either, in particular Air France.

The cold reality is frightening to say the least for flight AF447 whereby 228 people died somewhere in the Atlantic, For the Perpetual Travellers amongst us, especially those that have frequented this route on previous occasions, this situation is most alarming. A number of concerning Air accidents have occurred on a worldwide scale and it has come to the point when one needs to check the safety record of an airline before committing to fly with them.

So while on the topic, what of the Air France’s…

FlyRights: Sikh Airport Security Complaint

A group called the Sikh Coalition has launched a mobile phone app to give Sikh airport passengers a direct line of complaint that goes straight to the US Government. Designed to be used in instances of unfair treatment, discrimination and other issues related to airport security, the FlyRights app is free to acquire and was given a worldwide launch on 30 April 2012.
As this article was being prepared, two FlyRights reports had already been submitted: one gender-based, the other religion-based. These, as with others to follow, will be looked into by both the US DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the US TSA - the US Transport Security Administration.
According to the Sikh Coalition, US airports have been responsible for patting-down and unfairly treating Sikhs for many years and, at certain sites, secondary screening - one level up from standard screening - seems to be compulsory.
FlyRights App "The TSA asserts it doesn't profile", the Sikh Coalition's Director of Pr…

Russia Responds to Space Agency Security Lapse

A group of Russian bloggers' claim they were able to enter a Russian plant that manufacturers engines for civilian and military rockets and wander around and take pictures for five days without seeing any security has generated a response from the government. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has given Russia's space agency until January to fix security at all its plants or face the consequences. He also said, "I don't advise anybody to penetrate strategic installations anymore."


India and Japan Strengthen Ties

Japanese and Indian officials recently met to develop cooperative efforts and strengthen economic and security ties between the two countries. Indian officials said that Maritime Self-Defense Forces and the Indian Navy will conduct joint exercises in 2012 to improve security in the Indian Ocean and to protect sea lanes that Japan uses to import oil. On the economic-side, the leaders agreed that Japan will invest $4.5 billion over the next five years to promote the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Among other reasons, the two countries are seeking to support their mutual interests to offset China's growing military and economic power in the region.


Loaded Gun Found and Goes Off in Airport

Transportation Security Agency (TSA) officers located a loaded pistol in a passengers carry-on during screening procedures on Sunday (12/11) at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Atlanta police were called and as an officer was unloading the weapon, it accidentally discharged in the airport. No one was injured. The passenger said he did not realize the gun was in his bag. This is the 67th gun discovered by TSA agents this year at this airport.


IBM Announces Mobile Security Service

IBM recently announced a new mobile security service to protect sensitive corporate data. IBM says, "The service helps organizations protect against data loss and other risks caused by device theft, unauthorized access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate applications. It is designed to help mitigate security risks associated with the increasing number of employee-owned and corporate-liable mobile devices accessing sensitive business data."


Floods Close Second Bangkok Airport

Historic floods in Thailand, which have left more than 360 people dead, have forced the closing of a second airport in Bangkok. Don Muang airport in the northern part of that city, which is being used to house evacuees from the floods is not expected to re-open for a week.


Floods Close Second Bangkok Airport

Historic floods in Thailand, which have left more than 360 people dead, have forced the closing of a second airport in Bangkok. Don Muang airport in the northern part of that city, which is being used to house evacuees from the floods is not expected to re-open for a week.

Security, Travel Waivers Refused for Visiting Dignitaries

In anticipation of hosting the Youth Forum Summit and 53 heads of state and delegates, the Australian government informed all participants their security guards would not be allowed to bring any weapons or security devices into the country. Australia said, "As with all guests of government visits to Australia, the Australian Government is responsible for the provision of appropriate security measures for visiting dignitaries." Other guidelines included the adherence by all visitors to all aviation security restrictions for baggage, contents, containers, etc., as well as the appointment of a Local Handling Agent to arrange for all aircraft clearances, baggage handling, parking and refueling.


GAO Report Critical of DHS Data Mining

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) a government watchdog agency, has released a report entitled--Data Mining: DHS Needs to Improve Executive Oversight of Systems Supporting Counterterrorism. In the report the GAO finds that poor oversight in data mining techniques used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on counterterrorism programs could leave personal information at risk.


Examination of Soyuz Rockets Finds No Flaws

The crash of a Soyuz, rocket powered, unmanned Russian cargo ship in August has caused some concern since the Soyuz is now the only way to reach the International Space Station with cargo and astronauts. But today (10/07) the head of the Russian Space Agency confirmed that 18 rocket engines from the same batch that caused the crash have been checked and they do not contain the same flaw. The August crash has been blamed on an isolated and "accidental" manufacturing flaw.


Bag Find Sparks Manchester Airport Security Alert

A Manchester Airport security alert caused one terminal to be entirely evacuated today, with its flight scheduled rearranged while an investigation was carried out. By early afternoon, however, the measure had been lifted, although passengers were being warned of delays.

Security officials working at one of the UK's largest airports found a suspicious-looking bag at around 0830hrs this morning. At midday, Manchester's Terminal 1 remained closed to passengers and the list of cancelled flights had reached 11, while one individual was being questioned, in accordance with the terms of the Terrorist Act. No information's yet been published concerning this man's identity, place of origin or intended destination.

Manchester Airport Security Alert
While the Manchester Airport security alert was in force, Terminals 2 and 3 remained unaffected, with flights arriving and departing as per normal.

"We were alerted to a suspicious device and as a precaution have evacuated Terminal …

Autopass Passenger Screening At Dublin Terminal 1

Dublin Airport Terminal 1 now hosts new passenger screening technology called Autopass, which allows travellers to scan their boarding cards prior to entering the security screening zone.

Autopass is intended as a security queue reduction measure, speeding up the passenger screening process required before those using the airport are permitted to fly to their onward destinations. According to a Dublin Airport press release, Terminal 1's passengers have responded positively to Autopass' introduction and the system's already proving its worth.

"Security queue times are already under seven minutes for over 97% of passengers, and the new facility would improve passenger flow even more", Passenger Services Manager at Terminal 1, Catherine Barber, explained.

The Autopass passenger screening system is comprised of 10 gates, positioned alongside a pair of lanes to be used by special needs passengers. It also features a dedicated pre-screening area, giving passengers a chanc…

DHS Changing Rules for Screening Kids

Airplane Crashes in Crockery Township (Michigan)

A private airstrip in Michigan had a non-fatal crash of a single-engine plane on Saturday (9/17). The pilot was attempting to take off when he experienced a "mechanical malfunction and lost power". He was taken to a hospital in Grand Rapids. The FAA and County Sheriff’s Department are investigating.

Alaska Airlines Bomb Scare

Death Toll Rises in Reno Air Show Crash