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Where to get married: Top 10 Wedding venues around the globe!

Wondering where to get married? Here are some of the classiest resorts at the most stunning wedding locations.

If your big day’s approaching you’ll be asking yourself: where to get married?

We’ve put on our Wedding Planner shoes on and stomped around the world (virtually speaking anyway) searching for the best wedding venues offering tailored packages. We discovered a few that will impress you, your spouse and maybe even the cranky mother-in-law. We just hope that you can find the Budget!

1. Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia

Here on the southern tip of this lovely island, the Ayana Resort offers both pre- and post-nuptial pampering for couples wondering where to get married, as well as a breathtaking villa location complete with wedding gazebo for the ceremony.

There’s a choice of traditional Balinese or contemporary wedding decor, and the package also includes tropical flowers, a rose petal cascade, four Balinese bridesmaids, 60 canapés and 50 tropical drinks. A capella music throu…