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New Policy Allows Chinese Tourists Longer Cruises

A new policy on cruise ship journeys will allow Chinese cruise ship passengers travelling on board SuperStar Gemini a 3 or 4 day journey to Halong or Danang. The new policy is expected to boost the number of tourists on this route.

Last year, the Chinese and Vietnamese governments allowed the line to apply the same policy to passengers of Superstar Aquarious with routes from Sanya to Halong and Danang.

The application of this policy is expected to bring Chinese tourists to Vietnam from the end of October to March with 58 routes of Superstar Gemini. In addition Asian’s fleet biggest ship “Star Cruises” will be changed from Singapore to Hong Kong from April to October 2014 for routes to Taiwan, Hainan and Halong Bay.

Star Cruises emphasizes on the 4 day trip from Hong Kong to Taiwan and Sanya to Halong Bay which will depart between April 7 and October 26, 2014.

10 of the Most Bike Friendly Cities in Europe

As cycling becomes an alternative way of life, a large number of cities are investing in order to become ''Bicycle Paradise''!

We hereby present you with 10 cities all over the world that are claimed to be a dream for every cyclist: