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Unforgettable Rail Trips - 10 of the world’s top trains

Not too long ago, just a few rail journeys in the world had real market profile, but that number has grown as travelers have come to appreciate the beauty of land cruising. Some folks find it more interesting to look out on actual scenery rather than waves. This list of 10 of the world’s top trains is designed to give you a hook for each experience.

Pullman Rail Journeys is a rolling Smithsonian of American cultural history with its feel of Art Deco luxury and authentic cuisine from a bygone era of American dining. Pullman Rail Journeys connects Chicago and New Orleans with twice-weekly southbound and northbound service, and now offers a New York-to-Chicago journey via Washington, D.C.
You can’t position this as a modern luxury experience, because the bulk of the accommodations are in berths, just like the old days, though the Pullman offers a twin cabin. The Pullman goal is authenticity, and to many lovers of rail, that is its own kind of luxury.

The Rocky Mountaineer, a Travvy Aw…