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Spring tip: Tulip Time in Holland

Originally cultivated in Ottoman Turkey, tulips came to Holland in the 16th century and became the rage. Tulips became so popular among the Dutch that briefly in the 17th century they were used as money. In the moist “low country” fields of Belgium and Holland, bulbs planted in autumn are now readying to erupt in an annual cacophony of colors. “Tulips are still one of our icons,” said Rosina Shiliwala, the director North America for the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC). “We know tulip season is still a major attraction.”

In fact, tulips are one of eight such pillars in the NBTC’s "Discover the REAL Holland" campaign. The others are canals, windmills, Dutch master painters, Delft Blue, biking, clogs and cheese. “All of those icons are very popular with American travelers,” said Shilwala.

The beginning of tulip season is almost here. Acres of tulips and other flowers will color the broad flat fields from the end of March and running all the way through May…