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Unicorns, Camels and Hangovers: Crazy hotel guest requests

Concierge requests are typically predictable: tickets to a show, flowers, artisanal chocolates. But some guests demand a truly outlandish hotel experience. The ability to fulfill those peculiar requests separates the professional concierge from just the schmoes who work at the desk.

Life-size statue replicas in chocolate
Michael Romei, chief concierge of the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York, has seen various paranormal concierge requests during his tenure of 20-plus years.
He most vividly remembers the Australian couple crazy about candy.
They wanted near life-size statues of themselves for their wedding -- made out of chocolate.
"The pastry chef at the Waldorf had only their photographs to work with," Romei says.
It took several months and "several emails back and forth" to get the statues' dimensions just right.

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