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Dessert storm: How to sink your teeth in Austria's best cakes

The art of high patisserie is alive in Austria and has spread around the world.

You may not know the difference between your Kirschkuppeln and your Maroniherzen, but you've certainly eaten desserts like apple strudel, jam doughnuts (Krapfen) and a variety of what we still call Viennese pastries.

Austria is a country with every region claiming its own dessert: Linz has the Linzertorte, a lattice cake with jam topping; Salzburg its Nockerln, a three-peak, cream-and-butter fluffy souffle served with a fruit sauce; Graz its Apfelschakerl, apple fritters with cinnamon.

Tyrol fries Strauben (twisted dough sticks) and Upper Austria its Griesknoedel (fried semolina dumplings), while Lower Austria indulges in Pafese (plum sandwiches in batter) and Carinthia loves Reindlinge (cinnamon buns filled with raisins).

As for Vienna, every hotel and patisserie worth its sugar has a dessert to its name.

Hotel Sacher with its Sachertorte, Hotel Grand with its Guglhupf and Hotel Imperial with it…