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Top 10 reasons to retire to Uruguay

Once dubbed as the Switzerland of South America, Uruguay, is also famous for its beach resorts and safe easy living, which  is attracting attention as a great place to retire. 
Here below is a Top 10 list of reasons why to retire to Uruguay:
Safety: Simply put this is the top criteria for people from other parts of South America. In order to relocate it must be safe! Uruguay now has a reputation for enjoying the lowest rate of crime in the whole of South America, which makes it an attractive place to settle.Stability: At present Uruguay is without doubt one of the most economically and politically stable countries in South America. It is a free country away from the ills of world controversy. The local banks have never succumbed to tactics shown in other South American countries such as expropriating, freezing or forcing a fixed currency exchange of deposits. Over the last few decades they have proved to be as trustworthy as a bank can be. Excellent Health care: Private hospitals featu…

The Hotel Taxi Scam you need to avoid!

This scam in essence is a common play conducted by Hotels across the world that do not value their clients best financial interests. In its simplest form, whenever a Hotel Guest requests to the Concierge or Reception for a Taxi to the airport or wherever, the Hotel calls a Taxi Company or worse still a friend of someone with whom they have crafted a commission based deal.
Essentially the commission becomes a kind of surcharge and the Hotel Guest will end up paying significantly more for the ride. The minimum mark up is around 5 euro and the maximum can even go up to 50 euro in extreme cases for longer rides. This scam manifests its way in various forms around the world. At London Heathrow Airport Hotels for example, commonly private cars are used (even unofficial on occasions). Some 5 star Hotels justify the unofficial surcharge by arranging for a Limousine or Luxury car, even if you just asked for a mere Cab.

SOLUTIONThe first rule of the thumb is to simply never blindly trust a Hote…

Best All-you-can-eat Places around the World!

Perpetual Travellers tend to highly appreciate foreign cuisine. Travelling means getting to know foreign lands, cultures and people as well as sampling new foods.

But how do you learn more about foreign cultures? Eating their food and appreciating their flavors is the basic step. Cuisine is the reflection of a culture in a mirror!
Below are the best all-you-can eat places on earth for the ultimate food exploration
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The thorny issue of Hotel Security

As an avid female business traveller who occasionally travels alone, I know all too well those nagging feelings of insecurity, especially when one checks into a Hotel for the first time. I place my personal (including possessions) security as a high priority and thankfully Hotels are now beginning to take this viewpoint more seriously these days, especially within the EU borders. I’m pleased to see that Hotels particularly in the EU are taking some positive measures to improve Hotel security and safety overall and the decision of the EU to hold all Hotels responsible for the contents has made a great difference.

For example in the UK, a Hotel is liable for damage or loss to guests’ property caused by negligence or breach of contract. In other circumstances, the Hotel may limit its liability to £50 per item and £100 per Guest (or if in Greater London, £750 per item and £1,500 per guest) so long as it has a correct and prominently displayed notice to this effect in its reception. Each …

Top USA National Parks!

See below the most visited National Parks in USA according to National Geographic!

See the Wonders of the Ancient World with your own eyes!

These historic manmade monuments have withstood the wear of time for millennia and their death-defying existence draws countless visitors to their respective sites each year. You may find below a selection handpicked by Perpetual Traveller Overseas. If you have ever wished to witness these sights with your own eyes, now is the time to take action!

1. The Great Wall of China A massive structure that has been built, maintained and reconstructed under the rule of several emperors, primarily during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D), the Great Wall of China covers a total distance of 21,196 km and is a testament to the great empires of its nation. It is recommended to visit for a hike in spring, early summer and autumn, preferably in the Beijing area where tourist spots are open all year round.

2. The Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza As the oldest and most intact building of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was constructed around 2560 B.C.E and was the t…

Top Ocean Views in the World!

Be sure that the point where sea and land meet will provide you panoramic views of craggy shorelines and pounding oceans.

This is the list with the 10 Best Ocean Views according to National Geographic!

Most Haunted Places Ever!

These are the wrong places for those in the "easily scared Travellers" category!

Do you belong in that category?