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Cruise Ship Suites to Drive you Crazy!

Cruise Lines have been taking big steps towards innovation and luxury in the past decade.
They are continuously raising the bar with all the exceptional activities and facilities offered on board. However, the following types of accommodation built within cruise ships are jaw dropping, specially because they make you feel like you are floating in style!

Aegean the Best Regional Airline in Europe

In 2013 Aegean Airlines won the prestigious Skytrax Award for "Best Regional Airline in Europe" for the third consecutive year. 
In a passionate acceptance speech the President 'Theodore Vassilakis' dedicated the award to his employees stating that "each in his/her own way contributed to achieving this high goal". 
Personally speaking Aeagean Airlines has always been a pleasure to travel with, as they take care of the small details with a certain youthful style. 
The Aegean Airlines website is well designed too and now even features a low cost calendar to select the cheapest dates to travel. The Air Hostesses must also win the award for being the the most young and beautiful with their slick cut uniforms and extremely elegant, polite manner. 
All of this is in stark contrast to an ever decreasing level of poor in flight services offered by most European Airlines. 
Alas, now in 2014 is seems that Aegean Airlines have caught the annoying disease of pestering…

More Travel Ideas filled with Christmas spirit - Part 2

Here are some more travel suggestions hat are filled with Christmas Spirit and a touch of Magic!

Sydney Santa Claus is coming to beach but before that, he gives the reindeer a rest and uses kangaroo! A completely different experience than the rest in the world. Sunny weather, beautiful beaches for surfing, nice Christmas decorations and delicious food. Live this experience not only from TV but alive. See the fabulous fireworks light up the Sydney night sky at Harbourside and celebrate with locals.
Lapland Sense the warmth of Christmas and family in the heart of harsh north winter in Finland, the house of Santa! Lapland is the ideal destination for Christmas especially for children. The exhilarating delight of winter play in the snowing hills, a visit to Santa Claus house and a cold platter of Salmon with fish eggs and salad on side as a Christmas lunch would make your Christmas unforgettable. Wish to locals Merry Christmas by saying Hyvaa Joulua and visit Saunas on the Christmas Eve be…

5 of the most weird and extraordinary hotels in the world!

If you don't like simplicity and desire to experience the "extraordinary" the following hotels will take your fancy and ensure an unforgettable experience:

4. Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, Lapland, Finland

Guests can choose between traditional igloos made of snow and more futuristic ones that are made of glass.

Emirate Airlines Announces the Launch of Direct Passenger Flights to Taipei

Emirates, one of the fastest growing airlines in the world announced the launch of direct passenger flights to Taipei This flight is going to be its 16th destination in the Far East. This new service will start on February 10th, 2014. At the beginning, the airline company aims to start with 6 non-stop flights to the Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei.

The flight will be carried out by Boeing 777-300ER type aircraft and will have 3 seat categories: 8 luxurious private suites in First Class , 42 fully reclining seats in Business Class and 304 comfortable seats for economy class passengers . In all classes in the airplane, gourmet meals will be offered by Emirates multinational cabin crew.

The aircraft also features the Emirate’s award-winning entertainment system which offers more than 1,400 entertainment channels that broadcast Hollywood subtitled movies, music, TV and games.

Taipei has 7 million inhabitants and is said to be one major economic and cultural center with famous pla…

Europe Slammed by its own Latest Poll!

Paradoxically, EU people and non-EU people seem to have one thing in common; lack of trust in the European Union.

Traditionally, Britain was always the most consistently Euro-skeptic country within the EU. Since the recent raft of Bail-Outs, that has now changed.
According to the most recent survey conducted in the UK, a shocking 68% of UK citizens don't trust the EU, however that number is even greater in Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Portugal and even more.
Just to get an idea, a worrying 83% of Cypriot citizens say they do not trust the EU decisions. It's not surprising that the vicious Troika cocktail of austerity, doom and gloom which has been forced on the unsuspecting people of the EU bail-out countries is deeply unpopular.

Interestingly, the Poll of 32,000 people across a section of people within the Euro-zone was paid for by Brussels. 
The unpleasant and revealing results for the unpopular European Commission were semi concealed, as they were not featured in any Press Relea…

Chinese tourist swallows a diamond in Sri Lanka

In case you are tempted to swallow a precious diamond, we recommend you stay away from Sri Lanka!
Recently Sri Lankan police arrested a Chinese tourist, who was suspected of swallowing a diamond worth 10,000 euros at the nation's biggest international gem and jewellery exhibition.

Chow Cheng, 32, is believed to have swallowed the diamond as he inspected it at the exhibition. "His intention was to steal it,"according to the police spokesman. "The X-ray shows the diamond is in his throat."

We are left wondering how the Sri Lankan police managed to get it out of his system!

We all know that there is only one way to do that!!!

Russia Sets Dates for Return to Space Station

Russian space agency Roscosmos has set tentative launch dates for the next unmanned and manned missions bound for the International Space Station. The program had been on hold since an unmanned Progress cargo space craft failed to separate from its Soyuz-U carrier rocket and crashed back to Earth in Siberia in late August.

Roscosmos said it has found the source of the problem - a clogged fuel supply pipe in the Soyuz rocket. The next Progress launch is scheduled for October 30. Then if all goes as planned, a Soyuz manned mission will liftoff on November 12.

1 Survivor in UN Plane Crash

Apr 5, 2011 — Only one of the 33 people aboard a UN plane that crashed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Monday has survived. Alain Le Roy, the UN's Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, told journalists that initial indications were that bad weather was a key factor in the accident.

Source: Planet Data

Jet Diverts to Athens for Bomb Threat

Apr 4, 2011 — A bomb threat forced a jet full of British tourists headed to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh to make an emergency landing in Athens, Greece on Monday (4/4). The Thomson Airways' Boeing 757 landed safely in Athens, the 213 passengers and crew were evacuated, and the jet is being inspected.

Source: Planet Data

Perpetual Traveller Destination Pitch

Following a number of requests, Perpetual Traveller (PT) is now open to receive articles from Tourism Authorities or Travel Agencies to pitch their destination of choice to the 20,000+ Perpetual Traveller readers.

Each PT Newsletter sending will feature a different winning destination. To participate contact

We are looking for compelling reasons for PT readers to visit, live or retire to each destination in question. May the best Tourism Boards and Promoters Win!

London Taxis Voted World’s Best

Every Perpetual Traveller quintessentially knows that Taxis represent a vital means of flexible add-hoc transportation, especially so in Mega cities, for getting from A to B in addition to being an option for that all important transfer from the arrival airport to the Hotel (return trip of course).

The statistics speak for themselves, as approximately on average 65% of all travellers actually take a Taxi ride. Moreover, Taxi drivers play a key role in within the wider context of the overall Tourism service of a destination too, that should not be overlooked or underestimated. They can often prove to be ones first and last point of contact, when in a strange or new country and they have the capacity to leave an everlasting effect either (good or bad).

I have personally experienced both sides of the coin here and feel that Tourism Authorities should generally regulate the Taxi service, as some regions of the world offer a pretty poor unmonitored service. The challenge is that Taxi Uni…