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Six distinct traveller personalities will arise by 2030; how the the travel industry meet this demand?


Virtual Office, the ideal solution for Travellers

Good news for Perpetual Travellers around the world. You no longe have to take days off work to travel. In today's world of interconnectivity and low-cost flights, business, travel and private life can all integrated. After all Life is Life! Subsequently Entrepreneurs and Businessmen alike can now operate an international operation from Laptop on the move!

It's possible to be in one place on earth and have your business on the other corner of the globe! Moreover, the only way to live life to the full today is to effectively combine work, leisure and technology to enrich all 4 parts of our nature (MIND / BODY / HEART / SPIRIT)! 

You now may be asking yourselves "How is that ever going to work?" We have got the answers to all your questions. 
Setting up a Virtual Office is the new way of thinking when it comes to business now. Essentially it means having one location office registered address for mail, correspondence and communication (if need be). This innovative concept …

See the Wonders of the Ancient World with your own eyes!

These historic manmade monuments have withstood the wear of time for millennia and their death-defying existence draws countless visitors to their respective sites each year. You may find below a selection handpicked by Perpetual Traveller Overseas. If you have ever wished to witness these sights with your own eyes, now is the time to take action!

1. The Great Wall of China A massive structure that has been built, maintained and reconstructed under the rule of several emperors, primarily during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D), the Great Wall of China covers a total distance of 21,196 km and is a testament to the great empires of its nation. It is recommended to visit for a hike in spring, early summer and autumn, preferably in the Beijing area where tourist spots are open all year round.

2. The Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza As the oldest and most intact building of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was constructed around 2560 B.C.E and was the t…

Cyclone poses 'serious threat to life' in Queensland

A huge tropical cyclone taking aim at Australia's Queensland state has strengthened to a Category 5 -- the highest designation on Australia's cyclone classification system -- and its landfall is "likely to be more life threatening than any experienced during recent generations," forecasters said.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi has winds gusting up to 295 kph (183 mph) and is expected to maintain that intensity until making landfall in northeastern Queensland late Wednesday evening local time, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said.

The cyclone threatens more devastation for Queensland, which already has been hit by deadly flooding in recent weeks.

"Yasi ... poses an extremely serious threat to life and property within the warning area, especially between Port Douglas and Townsville. This impact is likely to be more life threatening than any experienced during recent generations," the bureau says on its website.

Hundreds of patients have been evacuated fro…

Aegean the Best Regional Airline in Europe

In 2013 Aegean Airlines won the prestigious Skytrax Award for "Best Regional Airline in Europe" for the third consecutive year. 
In a passionate acceptance speech the President 'Theodore Vassilakis' dedicated the award to his employees stating that "each in his/her own way contributed to achieving this high goal". 
Personally speaking Aeagean Airlines has always been a pleasure to travel with, as they take care of the small details with a certain youthful style. 
The Aegean Airlines website is well designed too and now even features a low cost calendar to select the cheapest dates to travel. The Air Hostesses must also win the award for being the the most young and beautiful with their slick cut uniforms and extremely elegant, polite manner. 
All of this is in stark contrast to an ever decreasing level of poor in flight services offered by most European Airlines. 
Alas, now in 2014 is seems that Aegean Airlines have caught the annoying disease of pestering…

10 Most Amazing Caves In The World

There is something mystical about caves that truly makes you experience some moments of isolation, loneliness and serenity.

No matter what and where, you will get the impression that you are a part of a movie scene but believe it or not, it doesn't get any realer than this! Source:

Extremely Funny signs from around the world!

Signage around the world works on the principle of "Symbolic Reasoning" whereby humans are the only species on planet earth able to give special meaning to a piece of metal or plastic with letters on it. Normally we leave those who focus on symbols to the symbol minded! However, no doubt you have come across signs on your travels that seem to make no sense! Some of them confusing and others make you roar with laughter.

Perpetual Traveller has complied collection of funny signs from different countries and places (compliments of our wonderful readers), just to convince you that craziness is common and shared in every country!

Everything You Need to Know to Be a Travel Blogger

Gary Arndt really does do everything everywhere. This digital nomad has carved out a successful living traveling all over the globe and writing about it on his blog, Everything Everywhere.
Gary sold his house in March 2007 and has since visited seven continents, over 170 countries and territories, and 125 U.S. national parks.

This is a guy who knows the business of travel blogging. That’s why we decided to pick his brain to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of leaving your home to live out of a suitcase. Here, Gary answers all the questions that we get from people who want to start their own blogs.

Why should I start a travel blog?

If you want to share your travels with your friends and family, a travel blog can be a great way to do it. You can keep everyone abreast of what you are doing and have a great online memento of your trip when you are done.

If you intend to try and make a business out of it, you should give it some serious thought before you make that move. While …

10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips you would be Lucky to Experience!

Having to choose just a limited amount among millions of things to do can be extremely irritating!

It becomes twice as irritating when it comes to choosing only 10 trips you would be happy to experience just once as many ideas are constantly crossing my mind.

Fortunately, tripadvisor has already done so for us!

Personally speaking, i will consider myself the luckiest person on earth for getting the chance to experience just half of them!

Remember to write us your opinion and your suggestions. We are very curious to see if you agree with this list!

1. Stay in a bungalow over the      crystal clear sea of Bora Bora
2. Take a cruise down the Nile and      admire the Pyramids
3. Go see the ruins of Machu Pichu
4. Get to see Kenya's unique and natural beauty      on a safari trip
5. Go romantic watching the sunrise from      Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya
6. Get to meet the Moai of Easter Island
7. Participate in New Year's Eve celebrations     in Sydney
8. Observe the magic of the Northern Lights

How powerful is your Passport?

Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom top the list of "How Powerful is your Passport" among 173 countries involved in the survey.

The bottom of the list poses no surprises with countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iran, China, Egypt, Nigeria and other African countries with extremely limited access to no more than 28 to 50 countries!

By obtaining Cyprus Citizenship you and your family can Travel freely to over 151 countries!

To 72 countries without any Visa, including Canada, most of South America, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Korea and Singapore
Unrestricted travel between all European member states including all advantages of being a European.

More than 70 countries grant entry visa upon arrival.
Can easily obtain visas for the US A, China and Russia through the respective embassies in Cyprus.

Since 2012 the Cyprus Government has launched an incentive - Citizenship by Investing - allowing nationals of Third World Countries to attain European Cyp…

Italy’s new Fast Train – Freccia Rossa (Red Arrow)

Train travel within Italy in recent years since the introduction of a new class of train service called FrecciaRossa (Red Arrow).

Former Amateur Traveler guest Ira Bernstein (Travel to Turin and Bologna (or eating our way through Italy) – Episode 208 and Travel to Venice and the Veneto – Episode 182) reports:

"Its speed allowed us to take a day trip from Bologna to Milan and back down to Florence (we had lunch with friends in Milan). To give you some idea, consider the 296 miles (476 km) from Milan to Rome. Taking an Intercity train takes between 6:30 and 7:56. In contrast, the Freccia Rossa only takes 2:59 to 3:30. Evidently, the Freccia Rossa replaces the Eurostar".

One can choose from 87 connections a daywith easily memorized scheduled timetables including1 NON STOP train Rome-Milan and Milan-Rome every hour, with departures every minute "zero" from 6** am to 19, with the possibility of reaching Turin or Naples during peak hours. 

The Trains themselves