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The nightmare security scenario of multiple checks at airports in India

I recently attended an awe-inspiring, colorful Indian Wedding in Puri India, which was hosted by a close colleague at work for his delightful daughter bride. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and as the only full blooded westerners (apart from Mike) attending the 4 day cultural marathon, my family (wife and 5 year old son) and I felt blessed to be part of it.

We faced some interesting experiences on our journey to Puri, which included an Air India flight from Dubai-Delhi-BBI return. Overall our Air India experience was a pleasant one, especially on the Dreamliner except from Dubai to Delhi, however the local leg was served by an old plane that for all intense and purposes should have been retired with broken seats and arms hanging off. The staff were well trained and pleasant, however and even for a short journey the food was plentiful, although not always edible for the western palate.

One of the most bizarre happenings we as a family witnessed was the vast number of se…