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Poll: Name the Place you Would Crazily Like to Visit!

Vote for the place you would absolutely love to visit at least once in a lifetime and Perpetual Traveller will make its utmost to create an entire article dedicated to the one that gets the highest score!

The article will contain information about the best restaurants, bars, beaches, hotels and stores of that location offering you the more complete guidance into your dreamy vacation!

So, which one is it? Name the place you would crazily like to visitItaly: Where romance meets cultureCaribbean: It's not only for Pirates USA: Live the American Dream!Spain: For Spanish guitar sounds, wine and Latin dances!Hawaii: The most exotic place of the USSouth Africa: For those that find Nature's value superior!France: Disturbingly beautiful and dangerous for singles!Australia: There is nothing you won't find here!China: Chinese Cuisine is the most popular for a reason!Greek Islands: The most hospitable "beaches" in the world! free polls

Strange Behaviors of Passengers at the Airport

When you travel there is always the possibility to see and experience a variety of things and that's the beauty of travel, as variety is the spice of life!
According to the Survey, it has been statistically observed that strange passenger behaviors are more common than we think; these "airport behaviors" indeed are actually frequent occurrences.
The power is in the detail and sometimes numbers are much more useful than words. Here below are the top examples of the most strange passenger behaviors. Let's face it, who hasn't been involved in one of the situations listed below at least once?
Airport Behaviors
30% of travellers accidentally breach security at the airport. Numbers climb even higher reaching 64% when it comes to people that consciously wear nice socks for when they take their shoes off passing through security at the airport. 22% of travellers tend to sneak their heaviest objects into their partners' suitcase and logically, one would …

Cancer Survivors are Over-charged for Travel Insurance

A Money Mail investigation has revealed recently that many cancer survivors have to pay 25 times more for travel cover than they should pay. What is more, the specific research presents cases where travelers had to pay more than £2000 for a two-week holiday, when in reality the actual cost was about 90!

There are several insurers and companies who are accused for over-charging travellers and not taking into consideration factors such as stability of their situation and current health conditions! Sometimes, the price is so high that makes it impossible for them to travel or the insurance is more expensive than their holiday costs! Expensive prices sometimes make cancer survivors or cancer patients to hide their health condition as the cost is horrendous.

A key problem is that many insurance companies do not take into account recent researches that show that 4 out of 10 people with cancer survive and are able to live a normal and healthy life. They are over-charging people for treatment…