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10 Tips for Staying Safe in International Cities

Most of what I know about being streetwise came from living in New York in the late ‘70s and ‘80s in the period following the bankruptcy of the city in the mid-70s.

The infrastructure was a mess with cracks and potholes in city streets. Mental patients were released from hospitals and wandering the streets. A reduction in law enforcement capacity engendered a climate of lawlessness. It was a heyday for thieves and criminals on the city streets.

It seemed that nearly every time I went out on the street I witnessed some sort of incident, a disturbed person throwing karate chops at passersby, a fight that stopped traffic, a crying victim. It took many years for the city to get its house in order again and to become the relatively safe city it is today. But I did learn some things about how to stay safe in a big city. It was a concentrated test tube environment in which to view the dynamics of street crime.

All cities have their dangerous elements. For visitors who don’t know their wa…

When the holidaymaker is away the thieves will play!

As we enter the traditional peak holiday season throughout Europe and people leave their work en-mass for the popular beach resorts across the Mediterranean and beyond, the thieves come out in force to prey on the innocents possessions, with no-one there to protect them.

This year we expect the trend of burglaries to notably rise across Europe, especially in peak season and under the climate of a deep recession. Imagine coming home to discover that your front or back door has been kicked in or side window smashed open and your first view upon return is to see what is left of your possessions scattered across the floor of your house or apartment.

Counting the cost of possessions is only part of the nightmare that will follow, as dealing with the insurers if any, will always be a challenge as they desperately seek loopholes not to pay you. The emotional cost and feeling of insecurity will likely set in also, causing potentially months of torment.
To ensure that this is not your reali…