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How to travel and lose weight in synergy while reversing the tide of age; now that’s NEAT!

As I passed the 50 year old mark and the kilo count started to gradually rise, I resorted to all manner of excuses such as “I have heavy bones”, “my metabolic rate is extremely low” or my recent favorite (somewhat justified until now) “I just don’t have time to workout due my business schedule”. If I travel overseas every week, how can I possibly join a Gym for example or follow any regular fitness schedule? Now I have found the answer and it appears to be rather compelling, so I would like to share!

The fact is that science is moving fast in the field of weight regulation. The latest “Buzz Word” that has gained traction and worthy attention is a phenomenon called "NEAT" (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). For purposes of simplicity, this involves the energy expended in everything we physically do that does not involve eating, sleeping or sport-related activities. Examples of such every day physical activity are merely walking to work or to a meeting, typing, fidgeting a…

Sunlight lowers Blood Pressure; could this be a boost for the Travel Industry?

Ever since Coco Channel returned from holiday sporting a bronze Suntan some decades ago the Travel Industry has blossomed into the worlds greatest industry, which every country and region seeks to capitalize on.
In recent times however sun-tanning has been linked to cancer and it's becoming somewhat unfashionable partly due to health reasons. However, this could all change now, as Scientists weigh up the benefits of sunlight as opposed to the dangers. The balance is tipping!

The trouble with Science is that today's knowledge will be proved wrong by new knowledge tomorrow in ever increasing circles of knowledge. Researches at the University of Edinburgh have now found that exposure to ultraviolet light actually lowers our blood pressure.

It's commonly known that high blood pressure is one of the main risk factors in heart disease and stroke. Approximately a third of the population on earth suffer from this.

According to scientists, UV rays in sunlight cause nitrogen s…

Improve your quality of life with "The counter flow concept"

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain This article could change the quality of your life, optimize your general decision making direction and enable you how you organize your activities in addition to the way you experience life...

By good fortune I was raised during my early years in Singapore, which was my first exposure to the counter flow concept, although I was far too young to appreciate it at the time. During the sixties in Singapore my family enjoyed a life of relative luxury, with a large house and garden, a Chinese maid, an open-top Beetle car (highly sought after at the time) and the whole "La Dolce Vita" package. This seemingly paradise existence, which was normal life to me as a child, abruptly ended upon my family's return to the UK, whereby such proportional wealth evened out and we became one of the masses again. My education started, as society attempted to teach me "The Logical way" (…

How to Grow Old Healthily

As the Baby Boomers reach the ever expanding retirement age, they will soon desire the great secret of life "how to grow old healthily".
A recent study published in Canadian Medical Association Journal actually identifies 4 healthy behaviors that are widely believed to increase the chances of staying healthy in old age.

The 4 healthily behaviors are a combination of:
Regular exercise (at least 2.5 hours a week of moderately intense physical activity)A healthy diet (Eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis)Moderate alcohol consumption (1-14 units a week for women & 1-21 units a week for menNo smoking (absolutely none) The Canadian study involved no less than 5,100 men and women, who were assessed on their lifestyle choices and health. The first assessment stage took place during the years between 1991-1994 and the follow up in occurred from 2007-2009. During the time of the study, 549 participants died during follow-up, and 953 were classified as successfully aging, w…

Cancer Survivors are Over-charged for Travel Insurance

A Money Mail investigation has revealed recently that many cancer survivors have to pay 25 times more for travel cover than they should pay. What is more, the specific research presents cases where travelers had to pay more than £2000 for a two-week holiday, when in reality the actual cost was about 90!

There are several insurers and companies who are accused for over-charging travellers and not taking into consideration factors such as stability of their situation and current health conditions! Sometimes, the price is so high that makes it impossible for them to travel or the insurance is more expensive than their holiday costs! Expensive prices sometimes make cancer survivors or cancer patients to hide their health condition as the cost is horrendous.

A key problem is that many insurance companies do not take into account recent researches that show that 4 out of 10 people with cancer survive and are able to live a normal and healthy life. They are over-charging people for treatment…

Best Reasons to Move to a Tropical Paradise!

1. Sun and fresh air
Escape the torture of cold and dark winters, and enjoy lots of natural sunshine, get your dose of real vitamin D. Enjoy wearing minimal clothing, take walks whenever you feel like it, and never pick up a snow shovel again!

2. Good food
There’s a world of difference between a fruit that grows on a tree and is picked hours before you eat it, and a fruit that is picked too early, shipped over long distances and sold to you for more money.
In the tropical paradises you can eat delicious, cheap, quality, tree-ripened fruits and vegetables, and avoid genetically-engineered foods, irradiation, hot-water treated mangoes and tasteless, imported produce.

3. Less stress
You can reduce stress dramatically by relocating at least part of the year somewhere where the pace of living is slower, more relaxed and where people value real friendship and relaxation over the constant desire to work, work, work and consume, consume, consume.

4. Discover a new culture
You can find excitement…

Iceland Volcano Could Continue Erupting for More Than a Month, Researcher Says

The airspace over much of northern Europe remains shut and the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, is stranded in New York City because of the threat from a volcanic ash plume being belched out of Iceland. How long will the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano continue and what other kinds of activity can we expect? A volcanologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) who has worked extensively in Iceland says a month-long eruption would not be out of the question. But the eruption could also continue for a year or more, he says.

Professor Reidar Trønnes, who was a research scientist at the University of Iceland's Nordic Volcano logical Institute from 2000 to 2004, says as eruptions go, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is not that large. Nevertheless, concerns about the effects of volcanic ash on jet engines led to a range of airport closures in northern Europe on Friday.

Volcanic ash, which is made up of tiny glass shards that are carried aloft in …

Airports are becoming scary places!

Airports are becoming scary places these days with travellers wearing face masks due to Swine Flu concerns, the fear of liquids remains with security personnel that are sure to make you feel away from home and it seems the most friendly face in an airport in 2009 is that of a self check-in screen! 
The realities of Swine Flu are covered in our special Perpetual Traveller feature A Peak Season Swine FLU FREE holiday. It seems to be quietly and rapidly spreading under radar of mass media. It dawned on me that the situation must be getting serious as personnel from 3 different airports I visited this week in Europe thrust a H1N1 warning leaflet in mind hand. Our above mentioned PT article gives you the updated facts, details how to protect yourself during this peak travel summer season and answers your FAQ's.

A Peak Season Swine FLU FREE holiday

As we enter the traditional peak summer season and following our last PT article on the Swine Flu critical alert pandemic on the 9th May 2009, from what we understand its clear that the highly reported Flu is rapidly spreading at an alarmingly fast rate and this reality is poised to clash with summer tourism in the popular holiday haunts of the masses.Yet, it seems that the mass media is bored with the topic, as Swine Flu gains pace before our eyes and much of the population across our planet remains apathetic to the risks involved. 
The greatest fear is whether Swine Flu migrates or evolves into a more resistant and potentially deadly strain. Its a perfectly plausible scenario and we maybe sleep walking into a harsh reality this summer.

This PT article is designed to give you the updated facts and advice what to do to protect yourself when travelling.  


Britain has the third highest number of confirmed cases of the virus in the world, just behind Mexico (where the …

Why the WHO declared a Swine FLU Global pandemic

Swine Flu is back in the media at least, but in physical reality it never went away! To cut a long story short, the reason why the WHO declared Swine FLU as a global pandemic is due to the spreading of the virus in at least 2 regions of the world, with an elevated number of cases occuring in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile particularly. In Hong Kong they were forced to close all nurseries and primary schools for 2 weeks following 12 school cases. 
The WHO chief Dr. Margaret Chan commented however, that the move does not mean the virus is necessarily causing more severe illness or more deaths. 
Cast your minds back a moment to when the Swine FLU (H1N1) virus first emerged in Mexico in April 09; since then it has spread to 74 countries. There is evidence to suggest we are witnessing before our very eyes the first pandemic of the 21st century. These were the words of the WHO.To give you perspective, official reports indicate nearly 30,000 cases globally with 141 deaths and figures are r…

The facts about Pandemic Flu and how travellers can avoid it

Dear Readers

I was prompted to write this article as I was soaking up the atmosphere and excellent service during a civilized Darjeeling tea afternoon at the Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad India. Just as I was enjoying the moment of life, my partner suddenly sneezed for no apparent reason? The shock reaction of the people around us and their responses towards us suddenly changed, as clearly they were questioning whether we had caught the first case of Swine Flu in India. Only the previous night on CNN we saw 16 Mexican travellers in quarantine in China, just because of their nationality and even though they had no trace of the dreaded Swine Flu. The buzz on the streets of India was to avoid contact with Europeans that have just arrived to the country, which probably explains the reaction during tea-time. My partner by the way is perfectly well and she just sneezed as one occasionally does, but at this moment all those what if questions started to come to the fore…

   • What would happen…