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The clock is ticking to get your money out of the Euro-zone

During the last 3 quarters of 2013 the dust slowing settled over the dramatic events that led to the Cyprus economic crisis in March 2013. Subsequently, we consider it a poignant moment to remind all PT's that the clock is now ticking to get your money and assets out of the Euro-zone.
What happened in Cyprus? In essence, 2 formally arrogant Cypriot banks (BoC and Laiki Bank) in synergy with the Cyprus Government committed what is best described as a bank robbery in broad daylight. Moreover, it was something heavily pushed by the EU under the auspices of the Troika and the IMF.

Due to the weak response of the Cypriot Public at large (excluding some serious legal cases) to this theft, in general the Cyprus Government and the EU authorities are now sensing that they got away with it! Many Cypriots and foreigners alike trusted the banks and the Cyprus Government with their hard earned money. Cyprus is supposed to be an EU country, yet no protection of private property or basic human r…

The scourge of Shrinkflation eats away at the man in the street like a cancer!

The authorities that be in the US, UK and much of Europe are currently managing their respective economies on the basis of maintaining low interest rates and especially in the case of the US, flooding the system with money, now termed as "Quantitive Easing". 
The next stage of the cycle is likely to be high inflation, however the main manufacturers of food, beverage and household goods are desperate to keep reporting profits in a never ending cycle of perceived growth, which is for many of the wrong reasons considered a good thing.

In the current economic reality, many of the manufacturers in the West realize that profits cannot be achieved by simply raising prices. Subsequently, they are turning to a subtle Shrinkflation, which is where the prices are stay the same, but the items on sale are shrinking in size, value or quantity. 
Just consider for a moment what is happening across the Western world right now...manufacturers and retailers are subtly introducing reduced size…

The Top 3 current investments of our time

We live in uncertain times and naturally even in the best of economic climates there is always an element of risk to making investments.
There are however some interesting options for Perpetual Travellers that refrain from putting their heads in the sand.

Here below are 3 top suggestions to investigate further on, but remember if you do invest the risk is all yours.

1. Shale Gas
This new form of energy has made a massive difference (as much as 50%) to reduce fuel costs in the US.

The process is called fracking and it involves deep drilling (10,000 feet) into the earth to reach a thin layer of rock called shale. A pump shoots literally millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals to generate small explosions. This in turns splits rock and releases gas. The gas is transported through a pipe to the surface.

China, India and the UK all have plans to exploit this form of energy. So Cuadrilla is the only company in the UK with the permission to drill. French firm Total are also getting …