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Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl) received a Carbon Reduction Certificate

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl) – the largest cargo handler at Hong Kong International Airport – has received a Carbon Reduction Certificate from the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC).

The certifciate is awarded under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence scheme, in recognition of Hactl’s success in reducing its carbon footprint.

The ECC recognises organisations that achieve its target of 3% annual carbon reduction.

According to the independent assessment conducted by British Standards Institution (BSI) Pacific Limited in 2014, Hactl reduced its carbon footprint by no less than 12% during the twelve months of the survey.

The carbon reduction certificate is valid for a period of three years.

The impressive results of Hactl’s green efforts are the product of a number of feasibility studies, gap analyses and meetings with eco-pioneers – leading to numerous initiatives including the use of electric vehicles; energy saving through improvements to air conditioning,…

World's First Eco Island!

The Tokelau group of islands in the South Pacific has recently began running on solar power, becoming the first nation operating through sustainable means.

Located in the Western Polynesian tropical moist forests region, Tokelau enjoys sunshine all year round, which makes solar installations well-suited for the area.

New solar panels will replace the 2,000 barrels of diesel, annually used by the island's 1,400 residents, and additional energy will be harvested in the form of bio fuel made from local coconuts!

We may as well call them "Coconut Islands"! It's just more suitable!

All jokes aside though, this is a great development and we hope we can see the expansion of this achievement in the near future for the sake of all humanity.

Gatwick Solar System

Gatwick Airport now boasts the UK's first liveside solar system, positioned 150 metres away from the main runway.

Rated at 50 Kilowatts, the solar system is comprised of photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity. It's been installed by UK group Orta Solar and not only is it a UK first but it represents just one component of Gatwick's wider CO2 reduction programme, which aims to limit the site's contribution to climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions.

This should see, in future years, a more extensive Gatwick solar power system put in operation.

Airport Solar Technology
Several issues had to be overcome before this airport solar technology could be put in place. These included ensuring that the system didn't produce potentially dangerous forms of glare or interrupt any of the radar signals transmitted at ground level. To guarantee that the criteria for safe operation were met, both NATS (the National Air Traffic Service) and the CA…

International Centre for Responsible Tourism Backs World Green Tourism, Abu Dhabi Post-Grad Training and Research Center Gives First-of-its-Kind Confex Seal of Approval

The International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT), the post-graduate training and research body of the UK’s LeedsMetropolitanUniversity, has thrown its substantial weight behind World Green Tourism Abu Dhabi, the first-of-its-kind regional confex being held in the UAE capital this December.
ICRT has signed on as an official supporter of the event, being organized by the UAE’s Streamline Marketing Group (SMG).
This is a significant vote of confidence in this international confex which aims to promote sustainable tourism development by influencing the integration of eco-tourism principles into the operations and policies of tourism industry players, a theme which is daily gathering momentum within the Middle East, explained Rick Theobald of SMG.
This agreement will now see the event actively marketed to the center’s extensive global database of companies and individuals who are solidly engaged in sustainable tourism.
ICRT’s Director of Research & International Partnerships, Profe…

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority sets water and waste savings targets to action by end of 2010

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) is spearheading a major campaign to deliver substantial, sector-wide energy, water and waste reduction by the end of 2010.

Under its industry-leading Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) for the emirate?s entire tourism sector, ADTA is targeting 10% energy, 20% water and 20% waste-to-landfill savings over the coming year.

?These ambitious targets are aimed at improving the environmental performance of hotels so that they are in line, if not better than, the world?s greenest hotels,? explained Nasser Al Reyami, ADTA?s Director Tourism Standards.

The initiatives have been rolled out in a series of EHSMS seminars and workshops to help stakeholders, hotels in particularly, kick-start programmes aimed at meeting the 12 month deliverables. The seminars have given delegates an introduction to Abu Dhabi?s tourism sector EHSMS, outlined how organisations can develop an individual entity EHSMS and how to audit it.

?We have received a trem…

Waste audit on wheels

We live in the 21st Century, an age whereby the modern day traveller is somewhat prone to accumulate Airmiles in abundance, whilst leaving a trail of carbon and disposable products in the wake, otherwise known as plain rubbish! Few can truly deny, unless they bury their heads in the sand or have been living in a cave for the past 10 years, that collectively we produce literally tons of waste, much of which upon deeper analysis can be rendered as wholly unnecessary or at least non essential.

There is a growing trend towards an appreciation for the concept of “carbon footprint” especially where travellers are concerned. In essence a carbon footprint is a measure of the impact that our activities have on the environment and in particular related to climate change. It is naturally linked to the amount of greenhouse gases produced by our day-to-day lives through burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation etc. The carbon footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gase…