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The 7 Colors of the Earth!

Our planet mother Gaia is truly wonderful and reflected by the colors of nature, which in effect are frequencies of light.

One of the best examples of color on our planet is the 7 Colors of the Earth geological phenomenon. At this site layers upon layers of solid lava generate spectacularly beautiful colorful combinations.

The 7 Colors of the Earth can be found in Mauritius, which is the largest of the Mascarenes islands and is located east of Madagascar. The wavy ground looks like a sea of color shades, such as yellow, brown and green.

Extremely Funny signs from around the world!

Signage around the world works on the principle of "Symbolic Reasoning" whereby humans are the only species on planet earth able to give special meaning to a piece of metal or plastic with letters on it. Normally we leave those who focus on symbols to the symbol minded! However, no doubt you have come across signs on your travels that seem to make no sense! Some of them confusing and others make you roar with laughter.

Perpetual Traveller has complied collection of funny signs from different countries and places (compliments of our wonderful readers), just to convince you that craziness is common and shared in every country!

Best Sunsets Worldwide

This article is suitable for all those in love, for the romantic ones and most importantly for all those people who love the view of a sunset!

The search for a beautiful sunset never stops and people and tourists keep seeking new and unique places to enjoy it. Below, we present some of the most wonderful destinations worldwide, according to CNN.

U Bein Bridge, Mandaley, Myanmar When the sun decides to set on the biggest wooden bridge of the world, then the picture is amazing. This 1,2 km bridge is passing over Taungthaman lake. This structruction got its name from U Bein, who used to be the mayor of the area around the mid 1800s. This structure is mostly used by Buddhists monks and locals.

Masai Mara, Kenya. The African sky is getting dressed in red and draws a picture that stays forever in someone's mind. From July till October you can see zebras and gazelles running relocating to the National Park. Unique camps and lodges are available for accommodation.
Uluru, Australia Uluru is …

A colorful city in Germany!

Tübingen is a town situated at the southwestern Germany, and more specifically, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, 40 kilometres south of Stuttgart. What makes this town different from the others is its colorful houses, harmonically built by the river Neckar that crosses the city, as well as the academic atmosphere created by the city's university, which is one of the oldest in Europe.
The city center consists of traditional houses and picturesque squares, while the colorful houses by the river bring joy to all the tourists who travel thousands of miles to experience the city's majestic atmosphere. Do you know what's even better? You can enjoy a trip with a gondola to the heart of this incredible city!