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Strange Items Found by Airport Security

It's a fact that while travelling, the majority of us are used to carrying a lot of unnecessary things that we are probably not going to use during our vacation or business trip. However, there is no reason to feel ashamed! Perpetual Traveller Overseas is proud to present you with some of the strangest things that airport security has seized, while conducting a search on luggage.

1) Tiger cub
A woman in Thailand was carrying something inside her luggage while travelling to Iran that airport security deemed suspicious. They thought it was a teddy bear in the beginning but when her suitcase was opened they discovered a little 3-month-old tiger cub! This cute animal had been drugged asleep and placed in a bag. According to the woman, she had been planning to sell it in Iran. Luckily, it was in healthy condition and sent to an animal protection centre to find love and care.

2) Skeletons
In Munich, security spotted something suspicious while scanning a suitcase. After opening the bag, t…

Unknown and Weird Regulations Around the World

Have you ever wondered that you might do something illegal when you traveling, without knowing it? It might seems weird, but some countries have regulations that are not known to the tourists. What is more, sometimes can even get someone in jail or at least, has to pay a fine!

It is important for all tourist to have in mind that several restrictions and local norms are extremely different from country to country. Thus, it would be better before visiting a specific destination, to know about their various set of laws in order to avoid any trouble.

British Foreign Affairs Office notes that the majority of the tourists who came across with ‘’illegal activities’’ have traveled at Netherlands, Italy and United Arabic Emirates!

Thus, we present you some of these unique and not so-known policies and regulations:

Although in Netherlands is legal to use ‘’soft drugs’’, is only allowed to use them in certain places! The possession of any illegal drugs or their purchase outside…

Most Common Travel Scams and Tips to Avoid


The Top most Annoying Passenger Behaviors

A recent passenger survey by involving more than 1500 people has revealed some of the most annoying travellers habits.

While reading these behaviors, some of you will, no doubt, smile with guilt. On the other hand, some of you will nod along feeling the anger after being the "victim" of such disturbing attitudes.
Strangely, some of you, including me, are going to experience both!

To the question "What do you consider is the most annoying thing while boarding?".  Out of the 1553 surveyed the following answers were recorded:
445 of them say carrying a larger than allowed luggage is extremely disturbing383 passengers consider blocking the aisle the most annoying thing322 of them are frustrated by those who crowd the boarding line230 travellers feel its annoying when a careless luggage storage habit is portrayed107 considered it irritating when other travellers use the overhead for small items To the question "What do you consider to the most a…