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Cruise Lines target Havana as a result of thawing relations between the US and Cuba

Havana Harbour by night
In many respects the island nation of Cuba has been locked in some kind of "Time Warp" since the Cuban Revolution of 1959. The people of Cuba suffered immensely because apart from dealing with the challenges caused by a withdrawal of support from the failed Russian Communism experiment, they had to contend with a strict embargo generated by the US Government for a number of decades.

At present there are a handful of officially sanctioned direct charter flights from the US (operated by a Cuban entity), however despite the close distance individual US citizens are prevented from simply visiting this beautiful and culturally rich neighboring country. In order to visit Cuba currently as a US Citizen, a license is necessary, along with the stigma and hassle it generates.

Things are about to dramatically change however; compliments of a thawing of relations initiated by recent events that were acted upon by the Obama Administration. The Cruise Industry will…

Cruise Ship Suites to Drive you Crazy!

Cruise Lines have been taking big steps towards innovation and luxury in the past decade.
They are continuously raising the bar with all the exceptional activities and facilities offered on board. However, the following types of accommodation built within cruise ships are jaw dropping, specially because they make you feel like you are floating in style!

Top 10 Caribbean Cruise Lines!

When Cruises meet luxury this is how amazing it gets!
1. Disney Cruise Line
2. Holland America Line
3. Norwegian Cruise Lines
4. P&O Cruise Line
5. Regent Seven Seas Cruises
6. Royal Caribbean International
7. Seabourn Cruise Line
8. SeaDream Yacht Club
9. Silversea Cruises
10. Windstar Cruises


Save Money on Your Next Cruise

Sometimes you have to make a choice: go for the easy cruise fare, or spend a lot of time searching for the perfect rock-bottom rate. With multiple lines offering a range of ship classes with sailings every single week of the year, you can go nuts researching all the possibilities and picking the best offer. Let us help you simplify. Here are our top 10 tips for saving money on your next cruise. Follow our advice, and you can be confident you're not getting gouged on your vacation bill.

1. Never Pay the Brochure Price.
Never. We repeat: never. Cruise lines all issue gorgeous, glossy brochures with "sample" pricing, but unless it's a very special (and very well-sold) trip where demand is higher than supply -- and that's incredibly rare -- consider those prices to be about as accurate as those per-day hotel rates posted on the back of your room's door. In the same vein, don't be swayed by claims of "65 percent of the brochure rate." It's not …

The Arabian Gulf means business at the Seatrade Middle East Cruise Forum from 9-11 December in Abu Dhabi

This year the Seatrade Middle East Cruise Forum moves to the UAE capital to further discussions on the development and promotion of the GCC’s cruise industry and regional growth opportunities.The Forum will take place at Rosewood, Abu Dhabi from 9-11 December.

Organized by Seatrade and supported by the Abu Dhabi and Culture Authority and Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau, the Forum will feature a Summit session giving emphasis on the challenges and developments of the cruise tourism with a special focus on the Gulf region.

The forum is an opportunity for cruise line representatives to meet with regional stakeholders, attend workshops and expand their networks.

An announcement is also expected from Grant Holmes (CEO of Progress International FZC) a speaker (shown below) on the formation of a Gulf Cruise Alliance, whereby a number of Arabian Gulf destination will collaborate to form a marketing synergy. Such a strategic alliance demonstrates that the players within the Arabian Gulf are getti…

New Policy Allows Chinese Tourists Longer Cruises

A new policy on cruise ship journeys will allow Chinese cruise ship passengers travelling on board SuperStar Gemini a 3 or 4 day journey to Halong or Danang. The new policy is expected to boost the number of tourists on this route.

Last year, the Chinese and Vietnamese governments allowed the line to apply the same policy to passengers of Superstar Aquarious with routes from Sanya to Halong and Danang.

The application of this policy is expected to bring Chinese tourists to Vietnam from the end of October to March with 58 routes of Superstar Gemini. In addition Asian’s fleet biggest ship “Star Cruises” will be changed from Singapore to Hong Kong from April to October 2014 for routes to Taiwan, Hainan and Halong Bay.

Star Cruises emphasizes on the 4 day trip from Hong Kong to Taiwan and Sanya to Halong Bay which will depart between April 7 and October 26, 2014.

The Best of the Best Cruise Lines!

Nowadays, Cruise Lines are not the ones they used to be. Cruising has become a quality travel act. Even though we still see big Cruise Lines with high passenger capacities, smaller ships may sometimes offer much more to voyagers such as luxury, restaurants and sophisticated facilities!

This is the reason why this list includes some boutique fleets!

1. Oceania Cruises Ships: Marina, Riviera (both 1,250 passengers), Regatta and Nautica (both 684 passengers) Destinations: Worldwide, including the Mediterranean, Africa and Alaska Highlights: Bon Appétit Culinary Center, hands-on program for budding artists in Artists Loft, and the Canyon Ranch SpaClub.
2. Butterfield & Robinson Ships: Isabella II (37 passengers), Kaya Guneri V (12 passengers) and Nostra Vita (10 passengers) Destinations: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa/Middle East, North America, Latin America Highlights: Exclusivity, flexibility and local contacts to set up unique onshore events.
3. Crystal Cruises Ships: Crystal Symphony (922 pa…

Tipping on board US Cruise Ships is getting out of hand!

As it turns out, tipping on board has started to get out of control.

Tipping is more alive than ever since, apparently, it sustains the Crew of major Cruise Ships, according to a revelation made by the US Government as part of its plans to regulate the cruise industry.

Recently, Jane Greene, a lover of cruising, reported that on her last Cruise trip, she found a surprise charge on her final bill which included a hefty and automatic tip for the crew.

Take Oceania's policy as an example:
Each Guest occupying staterooms must daily pay gratuities of $14.50. Plus, an 18% service gratuity automatically added to all beverage purchases, spa services and dinner at its signature restaurant, La Reserve. As if this wasn't enough, most of the Crew do not consider gratuity a tip making you feel obligated to ante up once again. By the way, a gratuity and a tip are more or less the same thing.
When this Guest Greene contacted Oceania for an explanation, she was advised that this is the cruise …

Manned Cloud: A flying hotel

The Manned Cloud is a very ambitious plan regarding a flying luxury hotel. According to the designer, Jean-Marie Massaud, people will be able to discover the miracle of flying over the clouds once again and realise how beautiful the Earth is from up there. The whale-shaped hotel will offer quick flights to many countries across the world.

The hotel will have a capacity of 40 guests and will have a crew of 15 people. The designer stated that the trip will be like a cruise on the sky, giving guests the opportunity to live their dream, crossing clouds and enjoying magnificent views.

New Cruise Ship Job Opportunities


Fincantieri Launches the “Carnival breeze” at Monfalcone Yard

At Fincantieri’s shipyard in Monfalcone there was the launch of the “Carnival Breeze”, the new flagship of Carnival Cruise Lines, a brand in Carnival Group, the world’s leading cruise operator. Delivery is scheduled for Spring 2012.

The launch was preceded by the customary “coin ceremony” to bring good luck by welding in place a silver dollar on the last deck of the ship, in keeping with an old shipbuilding tradition. Godmother to the ship was Monica Conte, a shipyard employee.

Weighing in at 130,000 gross tonnes, for a length of 306 metres with a beam of 37 the “Carnival Breeze” is the sister ship of “Carnival Dream” and “Carnival Magic” which Monfalcone shipyard delivered in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

In building the “Carnival Breeze” Fincantieri will further strengthen its leading position as builder of build the largest passenger ships in the history of Italian shipbuilding. Indeed the new vessel will have 1,845 cabins, plus 746 for the crew, for a total maximum capacity of ov…

The Chinese warm to Cruising

NOT long ago, most Chinese wouldn’t consider a holiday cruise, calling it expensive, boring and pointless. Today well-off families are coming aboard and getting into life on the sea. 
Michelle Zhang reports. Luna Xu is planning a summer vacation to Japan and South Korea with her boyfriend. The 26-year-old public relations manager at a French company travels extensively and has been to both countries. But this time, she’s going to try something new - and different - a six-day cruise. “I so much look forward to it,” she says, with excitement. “I’d like to watch the sunset with my boyfriend on the deck - just like the scenes from the film ‘Titanic.’ It would be so romantic, I can’t wait.” The trip costs around 6,000 yuan (US$882) per person. Xu’s boyfriend, Jimmy Jin, hopes to meet new friends. “I’d love to meet more friends who share the same taste and interest with us, and try the various fun activities available on the ship.” Nowadays, more and more singles, families, couples, honeymoo…