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World's Top Airport Runway Approaches Listed

The best 10 airport approaches in the world have been listed in a new report produced by aviation firm PrivateFly. The airport locations vary from busy urban locations to barren landscapes, but all give pilots and passengers exhilarating and striking views as they prepare to make contact with the approaching runways. Sion Airport in Switzerland heads the list, sat in an Alpine valley that inbound aircraft fly through before landing, while the dramatic Princess Juliana International Airport comes in second.

The remainder of the top ten best airports list is comprised of St Barts Airport, Gibraltar Airport, St Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, Madeira Airport, London City Airport, Lukla Airport, Las Vegas McCarran Airport and, finally, Barra Airport.
World’s Top Airport Approaches
Switzerland’s Sion is described in the world’s top airport approaches list as ‘Europe’s most stunning airport’. Two months ago, it was awarded another accolade when it won a high-profile airport safety award. St Gall…

What do Perpetual Travellers dislike most about Airports?

Well, there is a lot to dislike about airports when you really think about it; for example, there’s the pre-travel arrangements for a start, getting to the airport, especially a Budget airport and if that isn’t bad enough we then have the pleasure of actually arriving to the airport itself, not knowing what we may find when we get there!

Depending upon which airport you find yourself in, the service, attitude and facilities can vary dramatically often lacking consistency when it comes to Rules and Regulations; by this I also refer to Security. It’s difficult to find 2 airports who operate by exactly the same system and layout.

What we need is a team of independent international “Airport Inspectors” representing consumers to check and regulate Airport facilities, in order to ensure that the Perpetual Traveller out there has at least some fundamental comforts concerning communications, toilet related conveniences, clean water, soap and somewhere to eat and adequate public seating. I’m …

Navigating through Airport Security with a little dignity

Ask yourself; is this the posture of a free man?
The original concept of this article was conceived towards the end of my marathon journey vacation in 2009, which ended as I arrived to London Heathrow to see a rather disturbing sign, posted just prior to the Immigration check, with these telling and unwelcoming words...
"Tougher checks take longer"

What has travel come to? My instant reaction at the time was to resist and say to myself "this statement is only true in a disorganized system with insufficient trained staff and advanced techniques to manage the flow of people". The years that followed demonstrated that despite the extra security checks and the ensuing dehumanization security process we are all subjected to on a regular basis, our safety or even the perception of it has not improved one jot!

The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of travellers never asked for extra checks in the first place and many believe a more intelligent approach should…

New Terminal at Antigua and Barbuda’s VC Bird International Airport

Antigua and Barbuda’s VC Bird International Airport has become one of the most modern gateways in the Caribbean following the opening of its new terminal.

The $100 million terminal – funded and financed in partnership with the Chinese government – will equip the airport to handle more than double the 800,000 passengers handled at the old terminal.

Antigua and Barbuda is already the most inter-connected nation in the Caribbean, primarily due home-base carrier LIAT, and the new terminal means that VC Bird International Airport is now the largest gateway in the Eastern Caribbean.

New features include; four jet bridges, a state of the art baggage sorting and scanning system, faster immigration processing times and user friendly innovations and features.

The airport claims that the new terminal will greatly improve the passenger experience and ensure that visitors get to spend even more time on one of Antigua and Barbuda’s 365 beaches.

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s director o…

Graffiti artist brightens up wall at Frankfurt Airport

Graffiti is not usually a welcome addition to buildings and pavements, but Frankfurt Airport has made an exception by calling in a celebrated artist to use it to decorate one of its most viewed sites – a 320 metre long wall next to the bus station by Terminal 1.

And celebrated artist Helge 'Bomber' Steinmann has done them proud with his eye-catching graffiti work that depicts different views of Frankfurt.

Among the 15m high x 20m wide images on his 'canvass' are the Römer city hall and Alte Oper (Old Opera) concert hall.

He also pays homage to the city's football team, Eintracht Frankfurt, and the zoo. According to the gateway, "the somewhat unusual piece of artwork culminates in a depiction of Frankfurt Airport at the eastern end of the mural".

Operator, Fraport AG, views the mural as a celebration of the city of Frankfurt, claiming that guests from all over the globe need take only one look at the mural to immediately recognise that they have arriv…

Airport development programme

Each airport development programme is a unique project and should be treated this way to ensure the planning and design of efficient, flexible terminals, writes Louis Berger’s vice president for global aviation, Javier Gonzalez.

With passenger and cargo traffic expected to grow by around 5% per annum for at least the next 15 years, demand for new and updated airports has arguably never been so high.

Planners have, of course, many issues and stakeholders to take into consideration when building a new airport or renovating, modernising or expanding an existing facility.

Among other things this means that an airport’s layout must be purposefully planned and designed to support an array of carefully balanced services and facilities from landside to airside and from customer-facing areas to the backend.

An airport’s location, customers (airlines and passengers), peak travel times, stakeholder interests and construction budgets are among many variables in planning a new or renovated airpor…

Melbourne Airport claims that its new Terminal 4 will be home to over 30 retailers

Melbourne Airport claims that its new Terminal 4 will be home to over 30 retailers selling everything from staples such as coffee and newspapers to high fashion.

It promises that the line-up will provide a range of stylish shopping options and delicious dining experiences.

Expanding the airport shopping experience, T4 will be home to international fashion brands and iconic Melbourne names, catering for all tastes and budgets, says the airport.

And it reveals that the choice of retailers was carefully curated following in-depth customer feedback.

“We asked our customers what brands they wanted to see at the airport and we’re now delivering on their feedback, ensuring the range of retailers chosen for T4 delights travellers," says the airport's customer executive, Andrew Gardiner.

Reflecting Melbourne’s reputation as a leading fashion destination, Terminal 4 is set host a range of desirable clothing, accessory and beauty brands, including AMUSE Beauty Studio, Victoria’s Secret, C…

New terminal building at Iqaluit in Canada’s frozen north

Stantec’s Noel Best reflects on the innovative design of the planned new terminal building at Iqaluit in Canada’s frozen north.

In Canada’s far north, the temperature can plunge to minus 50F (minus 45C), winds can reach hurricane speeds, and winter is locked in perpetual night.

This extreme climate creates significant design challenges for the new Iqaluit International Airport terminal, where passenger comfort, an efficient building envelope, and natural light become top priorities.

Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut, the territory that stretches across the eastern half of the Canadian Arctic. Although a small town, it is the legislative, commercial and administrative centre, and the hub for connecting flights to many smaller communities.

There are no roads to Iqaluit – access is exclusively by air and by sea, the latter only for the brief months of summer. The airport takes on a primary role in the capital, not only as the key transportation facility, but also as a central meeting pla…

New CEO appointed at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has announced the appointment of Simon Gandy as its acting chief executive officer.

The appointment follows the departure of former CEO, Chris Woodruff, who officially left the role at the end of June.

Gandy has 25 years' experience within the aviation industry including senior leadership roles at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

He joined Melbourne Airport in 2007 and after holding several senior executive leadership roles, most recenty as the Australian gateway's executive aeronautical.

As executive aeronautical, Gandy was responsible for growing and developing Melbourne Airport's aeronautical capacity, including attracting new airlines and new services to Victoria.

He comes onboard at a good time airport as, according to the airport, it continues to outperform Sydney Airport in terms of the growth in international passengers, recording a 6% rise in throughput this June compared to 2.8% in Sydney.

The increase, which amounted to nearly 40,000 extra pas…

Some of the best value flights in the US are offered in Philadelphia

Philadelphia International Airport is one of the most affordable airports in the US, according to a new report., a popular travel search engine that helps travellers find the best flight deals, ranked the gateway sixth out of 101 US airports that the site surveyed in its sixth annual Airport Affordability Index.

“For our annual index, we look at average airfares travellers found on our site during the month of June to a mix of popular domestic and international destinations and use the data to rank the 101 airports on the list,” it stated on its website.

“Cheaper fares from major airports means more affordable travel for many coming from these popular departure points.”

With an average airfare of $267, Philadelphia (PHL) improved its ranking by 42 spots from last year when the average fare came in at $386.

“PHL’s affordability is the result of the hard work of the airport and our airline partners,” revealed CEO, Mark Gale.

“In the past couple of years, new service a…

Funny Observations at Larnaca Airport during the peak summer high season

As a businessman and Perpetual Traveller of around 100 flights a year, I am forever forever struck by the people who pass through Larnaca Airport in Cyprus during the the crazy summer months.

I have passed the point of crying and now simply laugh when I observe the below sites and sounds of Larnaca Airport:

The tacky sight of Northern Europeans arriving to the airport with their brightly coloured Hotel "All Inclusive" wrist bands still on. Someone needs to tell them that it doesn't work outside the Hotel! I wonder how much hey spent outside the Hotel on holiday?

I can't help but giggle to see the many Russian travellers make rather dis-approving facial expressions when they see the rather long "All Passports" queue at the immigration, as opposed to the far shorter EU only Fast Track Line!

Quite why the Greek speaking Security personnel shout in Greek to clearly Northern European tourists and expect…

New hotel into old TWA Flight Center at JFK

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, today announced plans for MCR Development’s proposed TWA Flight Center Hotel at JFK Airport.

The development is expected to guarantee the preservation of New York JFK's most iconic old terminal.

Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR Development, said: "The TWA Flight Center Hotel will celebrate and preserve Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece, returning the landmark to its original glory and re-opening it to the public.

"The TWA Flight Center Hotel will be an economic engine and a world-class airport hotel, creating approximately 3,700 construction and permanent jobs, 505 new hotel rooms, and 40,000 square feet of meeting space at JFK.

"Whether staying the night or simply exploring, international visitors and New Yorkers alike will be able to experience the magic of the Jet Age in this extraordinary mid-century icon.

"We are proud to play a part in governor Cuomo’s effort to revitalise New York’s airports for generations to come, and we look forward t…

Strange Behaviors of Passengers at the Airport

When you travel there is always the possibility to see and experience a variety of things and that's the beauty of travel, as variety is the spice of life!
According to the Survey, it has been statistically observed that strange passenger behaviors are more common than we think; these "airport behaviors" indeed are actually frequent occurrences.
The power is in the detail and sometimes numbers are much more useful than words. Here below are the top examples of the most strange passenger behaviors. Let's face it, who hasn't been involved in one of the situations listed below at least once?
Airport Behaviors
30% of travellers accidentally breach security at the airport. Numbers climb even higher reaching 64% when it comes to people that consciously wear nice socks for when they take their shoes off passing through security at the airport. 22% of travellers tend to sneak their heaviest objects into their partners' suitcase and logically, one would …

Getting away from it all: checklist of passenger rights

Where are you going on holiday and how will you get there? If you go by boat, train or plane, EU rules will provide protection if something goes wrong. Last week the European Parliament approved new rules that will reimburse or reroute boat passengers if a ferry is more than 90 minutes late and the European Commission has just launched a campaign about your rights when travelling by plane or train. Boat passengers suffering significant delays will be entitled to compensation of 25% of the ticket price, rising to 50% for long delays. If delays mean a passenger has to spend the night in a hotel, the ferry operator will have to pay for hotel and meals. In addition, the EP decided that disabled people should receive free assistance at ports. But, watch out, the new rules apply only from 2012.

The EP wants similar provisions for bus and coach passengers, but negotiations are still going on with EU governments.

Travelling by plane If your plane is over-booked, cancelled, or more than 5 hour…

A industry first at the world's busiest airport Dubai International, where travellers will soon be able to check-in luggage from a taxi

Dubai Airports (operated by dnata) is currently testing a new technology that enables passengers to print out their bag tags from a taxi and then hand the luggage to security as soon as they pull up to the terminal.

This initiative will be implemented along with online check-in, whereby passengers would no longer need to see a check-in staff member. The date of the precise launch is still unknown however  at this juncture.

According to the CEO of Dubai Airports  Paul Griffiths “The idea is to deal with putting bag tags on bags before you actually arrive at the airport, so the taxi or limousine driver could print out the bag tag for passengers."

Passengers would  still need to proceed through the standard security process upon arrival at the airport, however  in effect there would ultimately be no need to visit the check-in desk.

Dubai Airports additionally aim to streamline the security and immigration processes to create a notably faster and more efficient process as the desti…

Cheap flights and their principles - Why are they so cheap?

There are several low cost airlines around the world. However, all differ in their service and what they offer but many of them are following specific principles in order to lower their costs and gain money.

For all those wondering why some airlines are cheaper than others, we present you some of their key principles and we explain how do they manage to offer cheap flight tickets to travelers.
Standardized fleet: This might include lower training, lower maintenance costs, purchasing many aircrafts in order to achieve a discount. Another key principle is to keep only the essential features. Some of these might be reclining seats, pilot auto-throttle and frequent flyer schemes. They prefer to use secondary airports that cost less, in order to decrease their landing fees. Many low-cost airlines prefer to have many flights per day in order to be as less time on the ground as possible and pay lower airport charges. They also achieve to reduce their costs by not having calling centers and…

Top 30 Busiest Airports In The World

The total number of passengers is the basis we rely on in order to define which airports worldwide are the busiest.

Calculations and surveys show how the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has been the world's busiest airport ever since 2000.

In the list below you can see which 30 airports worldwide are the busiest by passenger traffic: 
Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA with a total of 92,365,860 passengersBeijing Capital International Airport, China hosting 77,403,668 passengersO'Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA with 66,774,738 passengersLondon Heathrow Airport United Kingdom with 65,884,143 travellersTokyo International Airport Ōta, Tokyo, Japan with 64,211,074 passengersLos Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, California, United States with 59,070,127 passengersParis Charles de Gaulle Airport Roissy-en-France with 58,167,062 visitorsDallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas, United States with 56,906,610 passengersFr…

5 things you didn't know about Airports

We are all experienced Perpetual Travellers reading this Blog, however here are 5 things that you most likely don't know!

1. Did you know that there are 15.079 airports in  USA?
This is the highest number of airports operating in one country.

2. 5.500 m is the length of the longest airport runaway.
This is strangely located in the Qambo Bangda Airport in China.

3. Of all countries worldwide, the USA remains the country with the most passenger appearances. 
China follows with a significant number difference while Germany features shortly behind China.

4. Did you know that only in 2010, approximately 29,4 million bags were lost by airlines?
I can claim 2 of those!

5. Did you know that some airports have some very unfortunate names?
In Turkey you will find the Batman Airport.In Spain the Moron Airport. In Indonesia the Fak Fak Airport.In France the Brest Airport. We welcome you to share your strange facts with us in the comments.

Strange Items Found by Airport Security

It's a fact that while travelling, the majority of us are used to carrying a lot of unnecessary things that we are probably not going to use during our vacation or business trip. However, there is no reason to feel ashamed! Perpetual Traveller Overseas is proud to present you with some of the strangest things that airport security has seized, while conducting a search on luggage.

1) Tiger cub
A woman in Thailand was carrying something inside her luggage while travelling to Iran that airport security deemed suspicious. They thought it was a teddy bear in the beginning but when her suitcase was opened they discovered a little 3-month-old tiger cub! This cute animal had been drugged asleep and placed in a bag. According to the woman, she had been planning to sell it in Iran. Luckily, it was in healthy condition and sent to an animal protection centre to find love and care.

2) Skeletons
In Munich, security spotted something suspicious while scanning a suitcase. After opening the bag, t…

The world's worst Airports

A mere 3 digit code like LHR, LAX, or CDG can strike fear into the heart of the best Perpetual Traveller and there is nothing worse than queuing up at the check-in, security or the gate of an unfriendly airport somewhere on the planet.
Airports are a necessary evil in the capacity of gateways to travel, as some of them, particularly the worlds major hubs are considered by the travelling public to offer an unpleasant experience. Recent security procedures have added to the pain, however its the temporary network of add-on terminals with little or no services that really gets our back up.
With flight routes scheduled as they are, the worlds major hubs are becoming increasingly unavoidable. Repetitive challenges like unfriendly airport staff, unnecessarily long check-in, security and immigration queues, concourses that feel longer than runways, badly announced gate changes, delays to take-off, land and even find a parking spot, male the whole experience nauseating.
According to more tha…