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World's Most Outstanding Buildings

Modern civilizations can now create and bring to life things that in the past just the thought of
them was considered or dumb or unrealistic or even both! Science and technology have had such a progress they can do miracles nowadays. 
The only thing science can not influence and control is nature (that we know of)!
All travellers acknowledging nature's superiority are still allowed to admire the outstanding concrete human creations and here below are some of them!

eSTRIP System for Helsinki Air Traffic Control

Helsinki International Airport is set to get a new ATC system known as eSTRIP. The air traffic control system will limit the movement of aircraft onto runways and taxiways without specific permissions, managed by a core electronic tool.

In a Helsinki International Airport press release, issued at the end of August, eSTRIP is described as among the world's most advanced air traffic control systems.

"Globally, the new system is the most modern in its class", Helsinki's Anne llola explains. "In a unique way, it combines the aircraft route clearance from traffic control, permissions to move in the area and a status picture from the radar system.

"The integration of the system into the control of runway lights enables automatic control of the airfield lighting, which, in turn, provides our customers added safety."
eSTRIP Air Traffic Control System

The integration of the eSTRIP air traffic control system will see vehicles operating on Helsinki's liveside…

Tests Reveal Most Efficient Boarding Method

Crowded and awkward aircraft boarding may soon be a thing of the past, potentially saving millions for airlines and airports. Passenger boarding tests have revealed that the most widely used method of boarding a plane is in fact one of the least efficient, leading the way for new a approach devised by the Astrophysicist Dr Janson Steffen.

Dr Steffen, based at the National Laboratory in Illinois, has put forward the aptly named “Steffen Method”, which favours seating passengers using alternating rows, almost halving boarding time when compared to filling seats through rear-to-front block boarding. Previously airlines had favoured the Wilma Method, which seats passengers from window seats outward.

The Steffen Method advocates boarding using every other window seat first, progressing from the rear of the plane forwards, for example, using seat 22A followed by 20A, 18A etc and then filling seats 21A and 19A. The method is repeated for the aisle seats in exactly the same way, building up l…

About Perpetual Traveller News

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