Perpetual Traveller Overseas is a Travel Blog created by proactive people that have practiced the spirit of some or all of the PT principles originally created by W. G. Hill in the 1980's over the pas few decades.

Our readers are generally experienced PT's, professional, independent, frequent and business travellers located around the world.

Perpetual Traveller Overseas features insider travel related news and article reviews on the following topics:
  • Travel Warnings 
  • Aviation Security 
  • Airport News. 
  • Destinations (PT Places). 
  • PT Travel Jobs.
  • Travel Tips.
  • Travel Economy. 
  • Best and Worst Hotels. 
  • Special Reports (Best of PT).
To be a Perpetual Traveller is a way of being, it takes an open minded mentality and in many respects it's a lifestyle choice. Our planet is small in the grand scheme of our Galaxy and universe. We should consider all of the earth’s land and resources as the common heritage of humanity free for travel and inter-human experience. Our planet with its artificial borders is heavily controlled and true freedom is a distant pipe dream, at best lost in the illusion of democracy, which supports the status quo and ensures heavy handed controls over our liberty.

Becoming a Perpetual Traveller is at least the best alternative to be relatively free in our unfree world, thereby avoiding the conditioning of country administrations. 


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