Worldwide Weekly Holidays, Events & Festivals - WEEK 15, 2019

Perpetual Traveller's Weekly Edition of Holidays, Events & Festivals on a global scale!

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---------- WEEK 15 ----------

South Korea
13 Apr / 10 May - Taean Tulip Festival

Selected as one of the world’s top five tulip festivals, Taean Tulip Festival showcases about 1.2 million tulips of 300 different species. Visitors can see tulips in various stages of development, thanks to the advanced system introduced in the Netherlands. In addition to tulips, visitors can see lupine, foxglove, lilies and other advanced breeds of spring flowers. Taean World Tulip Summit presents also world famous landmarks like Namdaemun (National Treasure No. 1) based on a theme of Bangpai-kite as well as the Eiffel Tower from France, a windmill from The Netherlands, and a pyramid from Egypt. In particular, daffodils and lilies are newly planted in the large area as friends of tulips. Through the festival, visitors can enjoy pretty flowers.

13-16 April - New Year

Usually a three day public holiday, it is called 'Songkran' or 'Pii Mai'. New Year celebration in Lao last for four days, though the traditions and customs are similar to Songkran, Thai New Year.

14-21 April - Semana Santa (Holy Week), Sevilla

The parade-like processions of Catholic brotherhoods (or fraternities), many of which date back to the Middle Ages or Baroque period. The celebrations vary by region: Those held in Málaga and Seville are among the most extravagant, while those in Valladolid and Zamora tend to be more somber. The thing that attracts travelers around the world is the fantastic floats (a.k.a. Pasos) - elaborately decorated with artful sculptures depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ or the Sorrows of Virgin Mary some of which are created by famous Spanish artists, and have been used by brotherhoods for centuries. With marching bands providing musical accompaniment, it’s quite the spectacle.

15 April - Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year, also known as Cambodian New Year is usually a three day public holiday in Cambodia. In Khmer, it is called 'Chaul Chnam Thmey', which means 'enter the new year'. Khmer New Year is full of tradition and rituals with a three days of celebration, each have their own name and associated traditions.

15 April - last day of Songkran Festival

The most famous aspect of the Songkran celebrations is the throwing of water. Indeed, Songkran is often known as the Thai Water Festival. The custom originates from spring cleaning aspect of Songkran. Part of the ritual was the cleaning of images of Buddha. Using the 'blessed' water that cleaned the images to soak other people is seen as a way of paying respect and bring good fortune.

Russia, Moscow
16-18 April - 19th International Exhibition "Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry

Neftegaz is Russia's largest trade show in the Oil and Gas category in the Exhibition Space, International Recognition and Market Coverage nominations:

The world-class event ranks in the top ten of the world's petroleum shows and bears the logos of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and RUEF, the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs.

The most effective platform for business networking of Russian and foreign professionals of the oil and gas industry, launch of new products, learning about global trends and industry prospects.

Costa Rica
17 Apr - last day of the Holy Week Holiday

The holiday commemorates the Battle of Rivas made famous by the heroic actions of the National Hero, Juan Santamaria.

17 April - Global Information Ethics Day

Honours the unique contributions made by information professionals by promoting their critical roles in the global information community. Celebrated to encourage information professionals to promote the services they provide to their users, customers and management within their organizations and to external communities.

17 April - National Holiday

This holiday is taking place to allow people to vote in the presidential elections.

Sri Lanka
19 April - Bak Full Moon Poya

Every full moon (usually one a month) is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. Each of the full moons have its own name and they are days to commemorate key events in Buddhism. These full moon days are known as Poya. The Poya dates will change each year and certain Poya dates may be a day before or after the date of the full moon. If there are two Poya days in a month, then the name of the second will be preceded by the word Adhi (Sinhalese: half). This National Holiday celebrates the Buddha's second visit to Sri Lanka to make peace between two warring local chiefs, who were also uncle and nephew

19 April - Landing of the 33 Patriots Day

A national public holiday is usually celebrated on 19 April, but may be moved depending on what day of the week it falls. It commemorates the return of Juan Lavelleja and his 33 exiled Uruguayan fighters in 1825, who took an oath to free Uruguay from Brazilian control.

19 April - Good Friday

The following countries observe the Orthodox calendar in which Good Friday may occur on a different date: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Lebanon, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine. Good Friday is a day of mourning, which takes place on the Friday before Orthodox Easter Sunday. During special Good Friday services Christians meditate on Jesus's suffering and death on the cross, and what this means for their faith. In some countries, there are special Good Friday processions, or re-enactments of the Crucifixion.

19 April - Independence Declaration Day
Known in Spanish as 'Declaración de la independencia', this public holiday commemorates the declaration of a local junta in Caracas in 1810.

21 April - Tiradentes Day

It commemorates the execution of Brazilian national hero Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier, who died for the cause of liberty. This is a government holiday where the whole country gets to join in on the holiday.

---------- WEEK 13 ----------

Freedom Day - 31 Mar 2019

The holiday marks 31 March 1979 which was the date on which the British military finally withdrew from Malta and its sister island Gozo. The main events of the activities commemorating this date take place at the Freedom Day Monument at Vittoriosa and at the War Memorial in Floriana. In the afternoon the Grand Harbour hosts a competitive regatta.

United Kingdom/Ireland
Mother's Day - 31 Mar 2019

(also known as 'Mothering Sunday') is celebrated in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the fourth Sunday in Lent. It is not a public holiday. Nowadays, Mother's Day is a celebration of the role of the mother, similar to the American tradition, and children will give their Mother's a card and gift; younger children making their mother breakfast is a common activity. Mother's Day is the third most popular holiday for greeting cards, behind Christmas and St. Valentine's Day.

Greek Cypriot National Day 2019

Also known as 'EOKA Day', this holiday commemorates the start of the insurgence against the British in 1955. Shops and businesses may be closed. People may attend church services to remember the efforts of the EOKA to secure Cyprus' independence and special events take place in schools, so that children are made aware of the island's struggle for freedom.

Malvinas Day - 02 Apr 2019

Malvinas Day was first introduced in 2001. It replaced the June 10th "Sovereignty over Malvinas Islands" Day, which until then had commemorated the appointment of Luis Vernet as governor of the Islands by Buenos Aires in 1832.

UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia
Isra and Mi'raj - 03 Apr 2019

Celebration of Isra and Mi'raj include prayers during the night and many Muslim cities will keep their lights on all night.

Independence Day - 04 April 2019

This day is the National Day of Senegal and celebrates independence from France on 4 April 1960. The day is marked by a parade by the armed forces in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Children's Day - 04 Apr 2019

Children's Day celebrations focus on honouring model students around Taiwan and by numerous parent-children activities sponsored by government and civic organizations. Thus, the day not only focuses on children but also aims to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. International Women's Day is observed in several countries on 8 March. In Taiwan, 8 March is a commemorative day but not a non-working public holiday.

China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan
Ching Ming Festival - 04 Apr 2019

Ching Ming, Qingming, the Remembrance of Ancestors Day or Grave-Sweeping Day.
Each family member comes in front of the headstone and bows three times with their right fist held cupped in their left hand. Some families will then eat the food at the grave site, akin to having a picnic with their deceased relatives. It is said to bring good luck to eat the food that was offered to the deceased . Some families may also set off firecrackers to scare off evil spirits and to alert the deceased relatives that they are there to pay their respects.

Ugadi - 06 Apr 2019

Each family member comes in front of the headstone and bows three times with their right fist held cupped in their left hand. Some families will then eat the food at the grave site, akin to having a picnic with their deceased relatives. It is said to bring good luck to eat the food that was offered to the deceased . Some families may also set off firecrackers to scare off evil spirits and to alert the deceased relatives that they are there to pay their respects.

Gudi - 06 Apr 2019

Gudi Padwa, also known as Gudi Padva, is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra. This means it usually falls in late March or early April in the Gregorian calendar and generally takes place on the same day as Cheti Chand in Gujarat and Ugadi, which is celebrated as the Telugu and Kannada New Year in the Deccan region of India. On Gudi Padwa, it is customary to visit friends and family, do some spring-cleaning and dress up in new clothes.

Cheti Chand - 06 Apr 2019

The festival of Cheti Chand is celebrated with fairs, feasts and processions of icons of Jhulelal and other Hindu deities. It is also celebrated by the Sindhi dispora around the world.

Liverpool, United Kingdom
The Grand National - 06 Apr 2019

It is the most valuable jump race in Europe, with a prize fund of £1 million in 2017. An event that is prominent in British culture, the race is popular amongst many people who do not normally watch or bet on horse racing at other times of the year.

---------- WEEK 12 ----------

Truth and Justice Memorial Day - 24 Mar 2019

The commemoration was sanctioned as Law 25633 by the Argentine National Congress on 1 August 2002, and promulgated by the Executive Branch on 22 August of the same year. However, it was not implemented as a public national holiday until 2006. The day is marked by peaceful rallies and marches by those who lost loved ones during the dirty war.

Independence Day - 25 Mar 2019

To mark Greek Independence Day, towns and villages throughout Greece hold flag parades, where school children march dressed in traditional Greek costume and carry Greek flags. A military parade takes place in Athens which is attended by the president of Greece and other officials. Crowds gather along the route and show their patriotism by waving flags. A traditional dish popular on Independence Day is 'bakaliaros' which is salted cod, fried in a beer batter, served with 'skordalia', a garlic aioli usually made with potato and olive oil.

New Zealand
Otago Anniversary Day - 25 Mar 2019

The Holidays Act 1981 specifies each locality observing a Provincial Anniversary Day to celebrate the founding days or landing days of the first colonists of the various colonial pro.

Independence Day - 26 Mar 2019

The holiday is marked by memorial ceremonies to remember those who lost their lives in the war for independence. In the evening, the main public buildings in the capital, Dhaka are lit up in the national colours.

Martyrs' Day 2019 - 26 Mar 2019
Martyrs' Day is a public holiday in Mali observed on March 26th. Also known as Democracy Day, it commemorates the protesters who were died during demonstrations against President Traoré in March 1991 during the 1991 Malian coup d'état.

Armed Forces Day - 27 Mar 2019

In 1886, Myanmar (then called Burma) came under British control. From the earliest days of colonisation, there was a strong feeling of resentment against the rule of the British.

Central African Republic
Boganda Day - 29 Mar 2019

Boganda's rule proved to be short-lived; he died in a plane crash on 29 March 1959 under suspicious circumstances and did not live to see his country gain full independence from France on 13 August 1960, with his cousin David Dako becoming the country's first President. On Boganda Day all banks, official government offices, businesses, and schools are closed.

Martyrs' Day - 29 Mar 2019

Also known as Commemoration Day or Insurrection Day, this holiday memorializes those who died in the Revolt of 1947 against the French. Martyrs' Day is a time to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the rebellion for their country's freedom. 29th March was first declared as a day of mourning by President Tsiranana in 1967. A national museum dedicated to the Uprising was inaugurated in 2012 by President Andry Rajoelina at Moramanga.

Trinidad and Tobago
Spiritual Baptist Day - 30 Mar 2019

Spiritual Baptists are sometimes referred to as 'shouters', as during services, they shout, clap, sing loudly and ring bells. During the time of the prohibition on their religion, the Spiritual Baptists dropped the name Shouter Baptists in order to gain more respect for their religion. The ordinance was repealed on 30 March 1951, leaving the Spiritual Baptists free to practice their religion as they wish. This holiday was first observed in 1966 to mark the repeal of the prohibition and the struggle for religious freedom.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town International Jazz Festival- 29/30 Mar 2019

Affectionately referred to as “Africa’s Grandest Gathering,” the Cape Town International Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz-oriented events in the world and the single largest music event on the continent. It’s the flagship event for espAfrika, a global event company, and the celebrated, annual music festival appeals to devotees of jazz in a traditional sense and mainstream audiences alike. Crucially, for a proudly South African event, the festival highlights native South African artists and international marquee stars in equal measure.

---------- WEEK 11 ----------

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Birthday - 17 Mar 2019

This holiday may also be known as 'Father of the Nation's birth anniversary' and it commemorates the birthday of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is regarded as the father of the nation of Bangladesh.

St. Patrick's Day 2019 - 17 Mar 2019

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration to commemorates the death of Saint Patrick which is the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, Irish traditional music sessions (céilithe), and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks.[6] There are also formal gatherings such as banquets and dances, although these were more common in the past. St Patrick's Day parades began in North America in the 18th century but did not spread to Ireland until the 20th century.[14] The participants generally include marching bands, the military, fire brigades, cultural organisations, charitable organisations, voluntary associations, youth groups, fraternities, and so on. However, over time, many of the parades have become more akin to a carnival. More effort is made to use the Irish language, especially in Ireland, where the week of St Patrick's Day is "Irish language week".

National Flag and Anthem Day - 18 Mar 2019

The Aruban national anthem is called "Aruba Dushi Tera" (Aruba Sweet Land). It is a waltz composed as a result of a collaboration by three of Aruba's most celebrated artists: Juan Chabaya Lampe, Rufo Wever and Hubert Booi. This official holiday is celebrated with cultural, sports and musical events across the island and there is a national celebration in the evening at Plaza Betico in Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba.

Birthday of Benito Juárez - 18 Mar 2019

It is a reflection on his importance to Mexico, that Benito Juárez is the only Mexican to have his own national holiday. Indeed, the period of his leadership is known in Mexican history as 'La Reforma' (the reform), and marked a political and social revolution with major constitutional consequences. All schools will close, as will banks and government offices. Many stores will be closed, but most supermarkets will remain open.

St. Joseph's Day - 19 Mar 2019

Saint Joseph's Day, 19 March, has been the Feast of St. Joseph in Western Christianity since the tenth century. St. Joseph's day always falls in Lent, so meals on his day are always associated with meatless dishes. In Italy a tradition is to serve food that contains bread crumbs as these represent saw dust since St. Joseph was a carpenter.

In Valencia, Spain, St. Joseph's Day is celebrated as Fallas, a city-wide celebration that lasts for five days.

Novruz- 20 Mar 2019

Novruz celebrates the Persian New Year, and the beginning of Spring. Novruz means 'New Day'. Like a lot of spring festivals, this idea of purification and starting again is key. Indeed, before Novruz, activities based on renewal like spring cleaning, planting trees, make new clothes and painting eggs are popular.

Purim - 21 Mar 2019

Purim is characterized by public readings of the Book of Esther, giving mutual gifts of food and drink, giving charity to the poor, and a festive meal. Other customs include drinking wine and the wearing of masks and costumes. On Purim day, typically toward evening, a festive meal called Seudat Purim is held, often with wine as the prominent beverage; consequently, drunkenness is not uncommon at this meal.

Vernal Equinox - 21 Mar 2019

The vernal equinox (or spring equinox) marks the beginning of astronomical spring. In modern Japan, the day still maintains its older traditions as visiting family graves and holding family reunions is a common way of celebrating the equinox.

Independence Day - 21 Mar 2019

The country officially gained independence on 21 March 1990 changing its name to Namibia and adopting its current flag. Sam Nujoma was sworn in as the first President of Namibia at a ceremony attended by Nelson Mandela of South Africa, who had only been released from prison the month before.

South Africa
Human Rights Day - 21 Mar 2019

In recognition of the events on this day, the United Nations has declared that 21 March each year is 'The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination'. Proclaiming the Day in 1966, the General Assembly called on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.

Sri Lanka
Madin Full Moon Poya - 22 Mar 2019

These full moon days are known as Poya. The Poya dates will change each year and certain Poya dates may be a day before or after the date of the full moon. On Poya days, shops and businesses will usually close and the sale of alcohol and meat is forbidden.

Holi - 22 Mar 2019

Holi was originally a festival to celebrate the start of Spring, good harvests and fertility of the land. The first mentions of it date back to a poem from the 4th century. The festival begins on the night of the full moon. Fires are lit on street corners to cleanse the air of evil spirits and bad vibes, and to symbolize the destruction of the wicked Holika, after whom the festival was named. The following morning, the streets fill with people running, shouting, giggling and splashing.

Independence Day - 22 Mar 2019

The holiday was established to celebrate the anniversary of Tunisia's independence from France on 20 March 1956 and is Tunisia's national holiday.