International Travel Warnings Week 22 Year 2018

AirAsia corruption allegation in India, Mount Merapi eruptions + false bombs in Indonesia, strained relations between Israel and Indonesia, power outages in Hamburg, 24 hour general strike in Athens, a severe "Heat Wave" in Mexico, the "Live-Fire" Military drill in Taiwan, Thunderstorms in London Gatwick and long Immigration queues in London Heathrow all comprise to form the latest round-up of the Perpetual Traveller global Travel warnings for Week 22 in 2018.

India: Police investigate AirAsia Group over corruption allegations
India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has launched a probe into whether AirAsia Group, its CEO Tony Fernandes and Indian entity engaged in bribery and violated foreign direct investment rules to obtain a flying licence. The Malaysian airline launched operations in the Indian market in 2014. The CBI has accused the group of bribing Indian officials to relax rules which would have required the airline to operate domestically for five years and have a fleet of 20 aircraft before it was allowed to fly international routes, rules that were changed in 2017. AirAsia India has refuted the allegations and said it was cooperating with authorities.


Semarang, Solo airports closed after Mount Merapi erupts
Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupted twice on Friday, shooting ash plumes as high as 6 kilometers (4 miles) in the sky and forcing the closure of two airports. The National Disaster Mitigation Agency said the volcano's alert status, raised last month from the lowest level, was unchanged and a 3-kilometer (1.8-mile) no-go zone around the crater remains in force. It said the first eruption occurred at 8:20 a.m. and lasted two minutes. Merapi erupted again in the evening, spewing volcanic ash as high as 2.4 kilometers (1.5 miles), the local volcanology agency said.
Materials unleashed by the first eruption were blown northward, forcing the temporary closure of Ahmad Yani International airport in the Central Java capital of Semarang and Ade Sumarno Airport in Solo, officials said.The mountain is about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from Yogyakarta city on the densely populated island of Java.
False bomb claim leaves 10 injured on Indonesia flight
Police said 10 people were injured during a rush to get off a plane after a man falsely claimed there was a bomb onboard. The flight from Borneo island to Jakarta was carrying 189 passengers, who attempted to exit the aircraft after a man told a flight attendant there was a bomb onboard. Police said the man was arrested and that no bomb was found during an inspection of the plane.

Israel: Foreign ministry bans Indonesian tourists
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced an indefinite ban on tourist visas for Indonesian citizens, effectively barring Indonesians from entering the country. The ban is a response to Jakarta cancelling Israeli visas and banning Israeli citizens from visiting Indonesia issued on 23 May. Relations between the two nations have deteriorated following the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the subsequent killing of Palestinian protesters in the Gaza strip.

German: Power outage disrupts flights at Hamburg Airport
A power outage on Sunday morning has caused a major disability. As reported, including NDR, the handling must be stopped at Terminal 2. Scoreboards and luggage belts did not work long queues were formed in front of the counter. According to the report, one tries to deal with the affected passengers via another terminal. On Twitter, many passengers complained about lack of information and announcements in place. The airport replied "The messages are unfortunately not working in case of power outages. " The problem is being processed with great difficulty. The power outage also affected incoming flights. A passenger reported that his Rhodes machine did not even start due to the Hamburg problem. The reason for the failure was originally unknown.

Greece: Workers stage 24-hr general strike, protest in Athens over austerity proposals
Workers held a 24-hr general strike to protest a new set of austerity measures planned for the summer. The strike caused disruption to public transport across the country. Tens of domestic and international flights were cancelled or rescheduled and seafaring ships were left moored at docks. Thousands of striking workers, pensioners and students rallied in front of the parliament in central Athens at around 1200 hrs local time. There were reportedly some clashes between protesters and riot police.

Mexico: Heat wave prompts state of emergency declarations
The National Weather Service announced that a heat wave in the country could see temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius. The temperatures have prompted civil protection authorities to declare a state of emergency in municipalities throughout the country. The worst affected states are expected to be Sinaloa, Michoacán and Hidalgo.

Taiwan: Nationwide annual live-fire military drill
Taiwan stages its annual, nationwide live-fire military drill from 4-8 June which will cause episodes of travel disruption. On June 4, pedestrians and vehicles will be barred from roads and streets for a 30-minute period between 13:30 (local time) and 14:00 in the northern counties o f Taiwan and cities including Taipei. Disruption to transport and business is expected, and there will be an increased military presence. Travellers are advised to be aware of any instructions that local authorities may issue at this time.

United Kingdom

Thunderstorms cause flight disruption at Gatwick airport
Thunderstorms in the area have led to disruptions to some flights at Gatwick Airport. It is not clear how long the disruption will last for, but airline EasyJet has told passengers that flights to and from the airport have been cancelled. Due to adverse weather conditions in the London area, it is likely that other London airports will face issues. Passengers have been advised to check with their carrier for updates.

Long queues at London Heathrow Terminal 3
Complaints were voiced from thousands of passengers that suffered long delays (going into several hours for some non UK or EU passengers). A lack of Immigration machines and personnel were voiced as the main reasons. London Heathrow is the second busiest Airport on the planet, however waits are considerably longer compared to the world’s busiest airport in Dubai (DXB).