Mexico wins the top spot for the world's best country retirement haven, according to International Living

International Living has gain fame and notoriety among Expats for its high credible means testing, ranking, rating, and naming of the world's best retirement destinations, better known as the "Annual Global Retirement Index". I remember buying the International Living Newsletters, books and special report back in the 1990's when I first retired and today there still going strong!

As time and tide passed, International Living actively added new categories and considerations into the mix, gathering compelling and fresh ways of looking at the data, as well as increasing the number of questions and penetrating deeper towards a wider audience of Expats.

Over the years, countries tend to come and go on the International Living Top 10 list. For example Malaysia entered the frame in 2000 and Colombia in 2007.

In 2017 however, the winner "Mexico" has been constantly in the Top 10 throughout the past 14 years. Moreover, Mexico is celebrating the top spot for the 5th occasion.

2017 features the most comprehensive "Annual Global Retirement Index" to date, with a starting list of some 24 nominee retirement destinations, all of which were placed under scrutiny and examination considering the following criteria
  • Cost of living
  • Retiree benefits
  • Climate
  • Healthcare
  • More factors besides like Real Estate
So, after months of research, doing the math, and studying the facts, here below are the world’s top 10 retirement destinations in 2017.
  1. Mexico 
  2. Panama
  3. Ecuador
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Colombia 
  6. Malaysia 
  7. Spain 
  8. Nicaragua 
  9. Portugal 
  10. Malta
Perpetual Traveller will feature articles on each of the above destinations featured.