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Navigating through Airport Security with a little dignity

Ask yourself; is this the posture of a free man?
The original concept of this article was conceived towards the end of my marathon journey vacation in 2009, which ended as I arrived to London Heathrow to see a rather disturbing sign, posted just prior to the Immigration check, with these telling and unwelcoming words...
"Tougher checks take longer"

What has travel come to? My instant reaction at the time was to resist and say to myself "this statement is only true in a disorganized system with insufficient trained staff and advanced techniques to manage the flow of people". The years that followed demonstrated that despite the extra security checks and the ensuing dehumanization security process we are all subjected to on a regular basis, our safety or even the perception of it has not improved one jot!

The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of travellers never asked for extra checks in the first place and many believe a more intelligent approach should…

Positively the worst Airports in the World!

A mere 3 digit code like LHR, LAX, or CDG can strike fear into the heart of the best Perpetual Traveller and there is nothing worse than queuing up at the check-in, security or the gate of an unfriendly airport somewhere on the planet.
Airports are a necessary evil in the capacity of gateways to travel, as some of them, particularly the worlds major hubs are considered by the travelling public to offer an unpleasant experience. Recent security procedures have added to the pain, however its the temporary network of add-on terminals with little or no services that really gets our back up.

With flight routes scheduled as they are, the worlds major hubs are becoming increasingly unavoidable. Repetitive challenges like unfriendly airport staff, unnecessarily long check-in, security and immigration queues, concourses that feel longer than runways, badly announced gate changes, delays to take-off, land and even find a parking spot, male the whole experience nauseating.

According to more tha…

The World’s Most Dangerous Cities

Upon scheduling your next business or pleasure orientated travel, it would be wise to avoid if possible the below-mentioned cities that form this article. The list below in essence, features the world’s most dangerous places on the basis of murder incidents per capita.

Here is a Bullet Point Summary of the results in 2016:
My former home Caracas, Venezuela has now risen to Numero Uno spot with 119.87 murders per 100,000.The lively city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras which occupied the top position in 2015 comes second with 111.03 murders per 100,000 in 2016. San Salvador is worthy of mention, as a rise in mass-styled killings and growing violence between alleged gang members, has practically doubled the city’s murder rate from 61.21 to 108.54 taking the 3rd spot. Interestingly, August was most violent month overall in San Salvador, with more than 900 killings, including an unprecedented 52 deaths registered in one single day.The other two cities that complete the top 5 most dangerous pl…

Six distinct traveller personalities will arise by 2030; how the the travel industry meet this demand?


Dubai World EXPO 2020 - Welcome to the future!

--> World EXPO 2020 in Dubai promises to be one of the greatest ever and is likely to be executed in the true futuristic style of this rapidly advancing destination.

The event itself will feature 3 core themes as follows:

1. Connectivity
The importance of bringing people together from all cultures and nationalities on earth.

2. Mobility
The movement of people throughout geography, borders and landscapes.

3. Opportunity
Unlocking the potential of people and their communities.

The Dubai World EXPO 2020 grounds are expected to fill a massive 20 Hectares of land within the planned gated area, which throughout the entire period of operation is expected to receive some 25 million visitors. The average daily forecast suggests the need to handle up to 150,000 people and on peak days 280,000 visitors are expected to attend, which effectively indicates the edges of maximum capacity. No doubt Emirates Airlines are actively scheduling towards this forecasted volume of p…

The Best and Worst Tourists in the world!

As Perpetual Travellers we are all too quick to judge the transportation means and accommodation units that we frequent, whilst demanding ever increasing services at lower cost in line with our needs, but who is judging us the Tourists?

Having worked in the Tourism Industry for over 25 years within the fields of Hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines and Cruises, I learned from many of my former colleagues typically over coffee breaks or in more informal settings, that we the industry people often categorize Tourists and the behaviors of our Guests by their nationality, which in all honesty involves a measure of stereotyping.

For example many of us know that omni-present classic European statement, which is supposed to explain the essence of our strengths and weaknesses, as an expression of how we view ourselves in Europe. If you are not familiar, it goes something like this…

The perfect Europe would be when all the…
Cooks were French Police are British Mechanics are German Lovers are Italia…

Improve your quality of life with "The counter flow concept"

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain This article could change the quality of your life, optimize your general decision making direction and enable you how you organize your activities in addition to the way you experience life...

By good fortune I was raised during my early years in Singapore, which was my first exposure to the counter flow concept, although I was far too young to appreciate it at the time. During the sixties in Singapore my family enjoyed a life of relative luxury, with a large house and garden, a Chinese maid, an open-top Beetle car (highly sought after at the time) and the whole "La Dolce Vita" package. This seemingly paradise existence, which was normal life to me as a child, abruptly ended upon my family's return to the UK, whereby such proportional wealth evened out and we became one of the masses again. My education started, as society attempted to teach me "The Logical way" (…