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Wise words from a wise man, Felipe Cubilios

Dear Perpetual Traveller Overseas readers

As a New Year is about to begin, we would like to share with you the wise words of Felipe Cubillos who sadly died in 2011 when his fateful plane to Juan Fernandez Island (Chile) crashed killing him and another 20 passengers. The purpose of his journey was to monitor the status of the rebuilding work being carried out in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. In particular the rebuilding work focused on all the little countryside schools destroyed and to empower fishermen to work again. Felipe Cubillos was truly a remarkable man that left aside successful businesses in his personal quest to help the most needed.

What I learned in the regatta around the world
By Felipe Cubillos

About your children, they are definitely not yours, just love them and try to educate them by example, if you can transfer them to seek their own dreams, not yours. Do not expect them to thank you for all that you do for them, their gratitude will come many years later, perhaps…