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Discover Africa: Find the Best Ways to do so!

Africa's wild and natural beauty is more than enough to entice you!

However, Africa has got so much more worth of seeing at least once. It's the land that brings together history, wild nature and animal life, desserts and beaches.

See below the list with all destinations in Africa we consider as the top and don't hesitate to disagree with us! We will be pleased to read your suggestions!

1. Cape Town, South Africa
2. African Safari, Kenya
3. Table Mountain, South Africa
4. Robben Island, South Africa
5. Sun City Casino, South Africa
6. Pyramids, Egypt
7. Abu-Simbel Temples, Egypt
8. Fish River Canyon, Namibia
9. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
10. Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Aegean Airlines go on the offensive for Cabin Baggage money

In 2013 Aegean Airlines won the prestigious Skytrax Award for "Best Regional Airline in Europe" for the third consecutive year.

In a passionate acceptance speech the President 'Theodore Vassilakis' dedicated the award to his employees stating that "each in his/her own way contributed to achieving this high goal".

Personally speaking Aeagean Airlines has always been a pleasure to travel with, as they take care of the small details with a certain youthful style.

The Aegean Airlines website is well designed too and now even features a low cost calendar to select the cheapest dates to travel. The Air Hostesses must also win the award for being the the most young and beautiful with their slick cut uniforms and extremely elegant, polite manner.

All of this is in stark contrast to an ever decreasing level of poor in flight services offered by most European Airlines.

Alas, now in 2014 is seems that Aegean Airlines have caught the annoying disease of pestering…

The Chicago "Cloud Tax" an act of desperation

The city of Chicago was once the proud home of Obama, yet today it's falling from fame as the city struggles to make ends meet, factories close down due to the expense of operating and productive people leave en mass to warmer coastal climates.

Any free society would not imagine to pay a form of local tax to stream a simple movie on a service such as Netflix and Spotify, but the city of Chicago has in their wisdom invented such a cloud-based service tax, claiming that it's akin to paying for live entertainment tickets; although in real terms it's clearly not! .

Of course as in most cases in America these days there was absolutely no debate or public hearing over this city "cloud tax" which translates to 9% tax on streaming entertainment like Netflix.

The city administrators in Chicago even had the audacity to claim that the tax is not actually new, as it's a form of clarification and not an expansion of 2 taxes that have long been in effect as follows:

Virtual Office, the ideal solution for Travellers

Good news for Perpetual Travellers around the world. You no longe have to take days off work to travel. In today's world of interconnectivity and low-cost flights, business, travel and private life can all integrated. After all Life is Life! Subsequently Entrepreneurs and Businessmen alike can now operate an international operation from Laptop on the move!

It's possible to be in one place on earth and have your business on the other corner of the globe! Moreover, the only way to live life to the full today is to effectively combine work, leisure and technology to enrich all 4 parts of our nature (MIND / BODY / HEART / SPIRIT)! 

You now may be asking yourselves "How is that ever going to work?" We have got the answers to all your questions. 
Setting up a Virtual Office is the new way of thinking when it comes to business now. Essentially it means having one location office registered address for mail, correspondence and communication (if need be). This innovative concept …