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The French Government target foreign owners of holiday homes with a draconian Tax grab

Updated on 12.1.14 from the original article 26.12.12
Owners of holiday homes in France are clearly targeted with punitive Tax rises which were recently introduced by the unpopular and somewhat war hungry President of Francois Hollande (leader of the new Socialist Government). The goal in France is to tax so called wealthy foreigners that supported France in the past, in order to reduce France's significant budget deficit, pay for some costly interventions in Africa (diverting attention from the rising French economic crisis) and paying the for the most expensive (per capita) Health system in Europe. 

The Tax rises affect foreign-owned second homes in the following areas...
Tax on rental income is set recently rose from 20% to 35.5%.Capital gains tax on property sales rose from 19% to 34.5%. What is even worse is that the Tax rise on rental income was introduced retrospectively, as from the 1st of January 2012. The increase in capital gains Tax was applied at the end of July 2012, wh…

The delicate art of coaching your own kids for a peaceful life!

Ask yourself this question: do you manage your i-phone or does your i-phone manage you? Now replace the word i-phone with your kids and the answer becomes even more disturbing!

No doubt, as a dedicated loving parent you often feel a kind of helplessness or a loss of control, when it comes to the sensitive task of nurturing and developing your offspring. However competent you may be in the professional business world, raising children is a clear leveler and very little in life prepares you for it.

Whatever the scenario and however old your children are, there is way forward. With a just little mental preparation and open-mindedness, it’s possible to fulfill the role of a lifestyle coach and parenting mentor rolled into one for your children, by learning a few simple techniques, increasing your emotional discipline and keeping your ego in check.

It was a revelation for me to watch myself on video coaching for business and introspectively observing myself conducting lifestyle coaching i…