Put your Smartphone down - the EMF's are dangerous!

The social and health impact on mobile phones today are many fold and it appears that we are nurturing a generation addicted to Smartphone usage, whereby the real consequences will not be fully known for another decade to come.

Ask yourself this crucial question: Do you control your Smartphone or does your Smartphone control you? If you hesitate, then the answer is the former. Just imagine for a moment, we now use our Smartphone with over a million Apps even at the dinner table, which is a real conversation and friendship killer. We use Smartphones to wake us up in the morning, control our finances, virtually manage our social life, support our business and store our memories through photos or videos.

The Mobile Industry has come a long way since the humble Ericsson or Nokia that was used primarily for phone calls. However, despite the convenience and ease of use, our health is at clear and constant risk:

Facts About Cell Phone Use

  • It is estimated that talking on a cell phone as little as 500 minutes a month can increase the probability of brain cancer by 140% to 300%.
  • Cell phone radiation has been shown to damage and break living DNA.
  • Cell phone radiation causes leakage of the blood-brain barrier allowing toxins to damage sensitive brain tissue.
  • Cell phones worn by men on a belt clip can reduce sperm count by 30%.
  • After using a cell phone for 6 years the risk of developing an acoustic neuroma (tumor of the auditory nerve) increases by 50%.
  • Cell phone radiation increases estrogen and adrenaline levels in the body disrupting hormonal balance.
  • A 2-minute cell phone call alters a child’s brain function for an hour.
  • Cordless phones have even higher cancer risks than cell phones. 

Less Signal Bars Mean More Danger

Pay close attention to the digital signal bars on the display panel of your cell phone (usually on the top right hand corner). Fewer bars indicate a weaker signal. A weaker signal means the cell phone will actually generate more power to maintain the connection. In fact, for each bar lost due to poor signal strength the cell phone will increase its power by up to 1000% to maintain the connection. More power means greater exposure to the radiation for the caller. 

Simple Solutions

First and foremost it’s important to understand that it’s impossible to completely shield yourself in a populated area of planet earth from EMF exposure and radiation. However, there are some simple things that you can do to minimize the risk as follows:

  1. Talk outdoors in an open space, which allows an easier connection from your cell phone to the nearest cell phone tower, using less power/radiation to stay connected.
  2. Avoid making cell phone calls from cars, buses, trains, subways or airplanes. These enclosures tend to concentrate the radiation within the enclosure.
  3. Use the speaker facility on your Mobile and avoid placing close to your ear.
  4. Turn your WiFi off and put your Mobiles on flight mode at night - you will sleep supremely better!
  5. Use cable in your office or at home and turn off the WiFi.
  6. Avoid living near a Cell Phone Tower.
  7. Install an old fashioned cord phone and use it instead of a cordless phone or a mobile.
  8. Take regular salt baths to ground yourself.
  9. Walk on the sand and swim in the sea often to further ground yourself.
  10. Make Sunday an EMF free day!

When all's said and done we may look at Smartphone users in the future like we do smokers today. It may be trendy for a while, but our health and social connection with loved ones and friends is ultimately more important.

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