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Funny Observations at Larnaca Airport during the peak summer high season

As a businessman and Perpetual Traveller of around 100 flights a year, I am forever forever struck by the people who pass through Larnaca Airport in Cyprus during the the crazy summer months.

I have passed the point of crying and now simply laugh when I observe the below sites and sounds of Larnaca Airport:

The tacky sight of Northern Europeans arriving to the airport with their brightly coloured Hotel "All Inclusive" wrist bands still on. Someone needs to tell them that it doesn't work outside the Hotel! I wonder how much hey spent outside the Hotel on holiday?

I can't help but giggle to see the many Russian travellers make rather dis-approving facial expressions when they see the rather long "All Passports" queue at the immigration, as opposed to the far shorter EU only Fast Track Line!

Quite why the Greek speaking Security personnel shout in Greek to clearly Northern European tourists and expect…

Battle of the Oranges - Carnevale di Ivrea

Where? Ivrea, Italy

When? January 6 - 18 February, 2015

An age old script: The common people rise up against oppressive rulers. At the Carnevale di Ivrea the battle occurs with oranges rather than guns and swords.

Every single year, the small northern city of Ivrea in the province or Turin (Torino) stockpiles around 500,000 kilograms of fresh oranges for the great "Battaglia delle Arance" (Battle of the Oranges), a re-creation of a historic fight between townsfolk and a ruling tyrant. 
Teams wage a full-on fruit war, and not even a red-capped declaration of sovereignty can protect you from getting juiced.


Best Chocolate Places on Earth!

Many few people can state with safety they don't like melt-in-the-mouth chocolates. In fact, we people actually need chocolate as researches have shown that consuming cocoa chocolate may positively affect the circulatory system and boost our metabolism; even though high in calories, a piece of chocolate brings energy and fast thinking. No one should exclude a reasonable portion of it from their nutrition. Do not overdo it though!
Travellers are lucky since they get to taste different types of chocolate around the world. 
According to travel.nationalgeographic.comthese are the best of the best chocolate makers!
Enjoy and Indulge!
1. Teuscher (Zurich, Switzerland)
2. Vosges Haut-Chocolat (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
3. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, Inc.
(Berkeley, California, USA)

4. Jacques Torres Chocolate
 (New York, New York, USA)

5. Norman Love Confections
(Ft. Myers, Florida, USA)
6. Valrhona (France)
7. Godiva Chocolatier
(Brussels, Belgium and worldwide)

8. Richard Donnelly Fine Choc…

New hotel into old TWA Flight Center at JFK

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, today announced plans for MCR Development’s proposed TWA Flight Center Hotel at JFK Airport.

The development is expected to guarantee the preservation of New York JFK's most iconic old terminal.

Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR Development, said: "The TWA Flight Center Hotel will celebrate and preserve Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece, returning the landmark to its original glory and re-opening it to the public.

"The TWA Flight Center Hotel will be an economic engine and a world-class airport hotel, creating approximately 3,700 construction and permanent jobs, 505 new hotel rooms, and 40,000 square feet of meeting space at JFK.

"Whether staying the night or simply exploring, international visitors and New Yorkers alike will be able to experience the magic of the Jet Age in this extraordinary mid-century icon.

"We are proud to play a part in governor Cuomo’s effort to revitalise New York’s airports for generations to come, and we look forward t…

The world's top 10 least expensive cities

To an ordinary citizen of India, living expenses in Mumbai are a source of everyday strife. Nevertheless according to the new "Worldwide Cost of Living 2014 index" the situation is not that dramatic, as this city of promise has in fact become the least expensive place to live on planet earth. 
Many of the cities on the below list would not be the ideal target for our Perpetual Traveller readers, especially those in Syria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. However, Panama City was well placed and has long been regarded as the ideal retirement destination, due to the special treatment afforded to pensioners. Kathmandu and Mumbai are interesting cities too and Bucharest makes the list from the EU. 
The study was based on the key principle of "Value of Money". For example - how much milk or bottles of water can one buy for just 2 dollars. At the same time when Mumbai has come forward as the place with the best value for money consumption, Delhi has come to light as the thir…

Europe's 10 cheapest cities to visit

As we live in a age of austerity with the continental countries of Europe facing unprecedented EU challenges, such as escalating inflation rates, higher VAT and with the general impact of the credit crunch and import costs, future tourists are starting to look carefully which destination offers the best value for summer 2013 or a winter break.
Here below is the updated list of Europe's 10 cheapest major cities to visit.
The greatest surprise on the list is London, which due to the fact it is outside the EU prices are relatively falling enabling it to reach Europe's bargain hotspot top 10 for the first time in 5 years. This is good news for Olympic Games visitors, however we must balance this information with the recent increase in exchange between the euro and the Pound Sterling, making it more expensive to buy GB Pounds now than in the last 5 years or so.
It's interesting to see that London is sixth on the list and the Norwegian capital Oslo last.
10 Cheapest European Cit…

The worlds best Flight Search Engine to seek cheap tickets and convenient routes

The Internet is awash with Flights Search and Flight Comparison websites. In the grand scheme of things they are all a much of a muchness. This is however one undisputed leader of the pack "SkyScanner"
Skyscanner in essence is the worlds leading Flight Search site for Independent Travellers, which provides instant online comparisons for literally millions of flights on over a 1000 airlines inlcuing Low cost and Scheduled, in addition to Car Rental and Hotels (all be it second place).
The key difference is that Skyscanner's flexible Search options make it possible to browse prices across a whole month, or even a year ahead. This Travellers to secure the best deals in advance. Moreover, SkyScanner does not get involved in the Booking, so after the right Search has been done it links to book direct with the Airline or Travel Wholesaler, to ensure the lowest price, with no extra fees added.
SkyScanner has been in travel business for over 10 years and employs more than 30 di…

Cruise Ship Suites to Drive you Crazy!

Cruise Lines have been taking big steps towards innovation and luxury in the past decade.
They are continuously raising the bar with all the exceptional activities and facilities offered on board. However, the following types of accommodation built within cruise ships are jaw dropping, specially because they make you feel like you are floating in style!

Greetings from Venizelos airport, Athens

Interim greetings from the transit area of Venizelos airport in Athens, where I encountered some positive developments that I would like to share with you.

Mindful of the best in class global Airport review that we covered as a Perpetual Traveller feature article last week, it comes to me as a pleasant surprise to see some welcome pro-traveller changes at the airport that serves Athens, which was built at the beginning of the new millennium.

At last free WiFi has been organized to compliment the free Internet stand alone computer podiums. This makes Athens (ATH) one of the few significant and proactive airports in the whole of Europe that provides comprehensive free Internet access. May the rest of Europe follow this lead?

Moreover, a large area of e-checkin desks has been provided for in the departures hall, which permits any passenger to check-in online with a host of participating airlines that permit and enable an online check-in service. The same facility allows online reservations…

Sumida River Fireworks (Hanabi) 2015, Tokyo, Japan

Where? Tokyo, Japan

When? 25th of July 2015

Time?  19:05 to 20:30

Originally used to ward off evil spirits, fireworks have a long history in Japan and are an integral part of Japanese summers. Hundreds of firework shows are held every year across the country, mainly during the summer holidays in July and August, with some of them drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators.

For further information:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

Where? Edinburgh, Scotland

When? 01-25 August 2015

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival on the planet. It's a celebration of the best performances and entertainment acts from a range of different countries across the world. The Festival is an ‘open-access’ festival, which means if you have a show to perform, and somewhere to perform it, your on the bill.

The Festival itself actually has no part in producing any of the performances. They simply advertise, and rely on the thousands of individuals from across our planet to put on a show.



Here’s a thing, if you travel frequently I’m sure you can empathize that it’s not just the actual flying that bothers our kind, it’s those ongoing progressive fears of long flight connections we desperately try to avoid or worse still, the enemy of the Traveller – dreaded delays, which slows us down and takes dissolves our passion to fly!

What can one do when locked in what appears to be at the time an age within one of the most undesirable airports imaginable, no facilities, no decent services or VIP Lounges? Over the years I have personally notched up a purchase in almost every Airport, I have frequented, mostly by habit rather than need. As an avid consumer, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but it’s beginning to bore me, as Airport retail spaces all too often offer the same old Duty Free thing or at least they look and feel the same! Nothing original and preciously few uniquely inspired goods, instead the same old regurgitated so called Duty Free shops, with similar repetit…

During July 4 celebrations DFW handled around one million passengers

Like all gateways across the US, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is bracing itself for a busy July 4 weekend, with around a million passengers expected to use its facilties between Thursday and Monday night.

Nearly 200,000 passengers passed through DFW yesterday and the figure is expected to be repeated on Monday, making them the busiest travel days of this year's five day holiday period.

To provide a helping hand for newcomers and veteran travellers alike, the airport has re-introduced its Holiday Helpers programme.

The airport assures passengers that DFW employees will be staffing each terminal throughout the day, and will be providing directions, free gifts and a few extra smiles to help bring cheer to the holiday weekend.

The Texas gateway also provided a free porter service in its parking garage yesterday and has pledged to repeat it on Monday, July 6, from 8 am until noon.

In total, DFW is preparing to host 934,000 travellers July 4th weekend, which would represe…

Norwegian Cruise Line Rolls Out New Sushi & Sashimi Menu

Norwegian Cruise Line announced it will now offer its popular sushi a la carte menu, currently available on Norwegian Epic, throughout most of its fleet starting today, September 16, 2011. The rollout does not include the Norwegian Sky.

The extensive menu, which features sushi, sashimi, light appetizers and desserts, will now also be offered as a lunch option on embarkation and sea days.The new menu gives guests the freedom and flexibility to customize their dining experience by providing pricing per item with dishes averaging four dollars. Guests can select from a number of different appetizers such as edamame, miso soup or sesame seaweed salad. Sushi selections include such favorites as the Godzilla Roll, a tasty roll with sweet shrimp, mango, avocado, caramelized cashews and coconut; and the Dynamite Roll with yellowtail, salmon, green onion, and maki tempura style. Different variations of sushi and sashimi like yellow fin tuna, octopus and salmon are also offered. Guests can compl…

Italian Restaurant Manager for up-scale Italian restaurant of a luxury 5* hotel in Doha, Qatar.

V.Hospitality is currently accepting applications for the position of Italian Restaurant Manager for up-scale Italian restaurant of a luxury 5* hotel in Doha, Qatar.

Required profile:

Previous experience of running Italian restaurants in a luxury hotel or independent high-end Italian Restaurants At least 3 years experience as Restaurant Manager Hotel management or related education Fluent English and Italian Salary range 7,000-8,000 QRS (Tax Free) + accommodation, meals, medical insurance, etc

Start date: September 2011

Further information available upon interview
Candidates MUST be able to provide previous checkable employment references.

How to Apply
Apply on line at: 

or send application to

Passenger Sleepbox Installed at Moscow Airport

New technology on exhibition at one of Moscow's busiest airports is giving passengers a break from the stress and the tiredness that air travel can cause.

Designed by Arch Group, the Sleepbox isn't a new idea in itself, but it's arguably the most effective realisation of the passenger relaxation concept, giving weary travellers a place to recharge in between flights, or in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

It's not uncommon for passengers to need to book into local hotels, when faced with the prospect of having to wait overnight for their morning flight. That's not always a straightforward process, especially in foreign countries. The Sleepbox effectively takes away this need, bringing a kind of basic hotel experience straight to them instead. It can be supplied in a variety of fits but the one at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport boasts a pair of beds in a bunk bed arrangement, space for luggage storage, a nightstand and a desk, and it's…

Unique animal photographs by National Geographic!

We live in a beautiful world full of colours, unusual magical creatures and unexplained wonders. National Geographic makes sure that we get to see things that we wouldn't ever be able to even dream of, constantly surprising our rough eyes with unbelievable scenes. The National Geographic Traveler contest for best photograph often amazes everyone with the wonderful photos submitted by the contestants. Take a look at some of the best animal photographs ever taken!

Comfort in the Air

To help you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed, regardless of whether you need to be rejuvenate for your holiday or effective at achieving your goals on a business trip, these simple tips will help you to enjoy your journey.

Before your journey
Consult your doctor before traveling if you have any medical concerns about making a long journey, or if you suffer from a respiratory or cardiovascular condition.Plan for the destination – will you need any vaccinations or special medications?Get a good night’s rest before the flight.Eat lightly and sensibly.At the airport
Allow yourself plenty of time for check-in, or check-in online prior your flight.Avoid carrying heavy bags through airport and onto the flight as this can place the body under considerable stressOnce through the departures try to relax as much as possible.Travel lightly - Carry only the essential items that you will need during your flight.During the flight
Drink plenty of water  - Rehydrate with water or…

Top 10 Caribbean Cruise Lines!

When Cruises meet luxury this is how amazing it gets!
1. Disney Cruise Line
2. Holland America Line
3. Norwegian Cruise Lines
4. P&O Cruise Line
5. Regent Seven Seas Cruises
6. Royal Caribbean International
7. Seabourn Cruise Line
8. SeaDream Yacht Club
9. Silversea Cruises
10. Windstar Cruises