The 12 most crazy and bizarre hotels on our planet!

Are you getting tired of staying in the multinational Hotel chains that regurgitate the same old bog standard rooms in rather average left brain box type settings? 

If so, why not give in to your right brain a treat and let creativity flow in one of the below crazy and bizarre that will inspire you!

Sun Cruise Resort
Gangwon-do, Südkorea

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam
Zaandam, Niederlande

Faralda Crane Hotel
Amsterdam, Niederlande 


Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort
Huzhou, China

Hotel Jested
Liberec, Tschechien

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Kyōto
Kyōto, Japan

Spitbank Fort
Gosport, England

Free Spirit Spheres
British Columbia, Canada

The Aurora Express
Alaska, USA

Wigwam Motel
Arizona, USA

La Balade des Gnômes
Durbuy, Belgien

Hotel Costa Verde
Nationalpark Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Original source: tripadvisor