A industry first at the world's busiest airport Dubai International, where travellers will soon be able to check-in luggage from a taxi

Dubai International Airport Airview
Dubai Airports (operated by dnata) is currently testing a new technology that enables passengers to print out their bag tags from a taxi and then hand the luggage to security as soon as they pull up to the terminal.

This initiative will be implemented along with online check-in, whereby passengers would no longer need to see a check-in staff member. The date of the precise launch is still unknown however  at this juncture.

According to the CEO of Dubai Airports  Paul Griffiths “The idea is to deal with putting bag tags on bags before you actually arrive at the airport, so the taxi or limousine driver could print out the bag tag for passengers."

Passengers would  still need to proceed through the standard security process upon arrival at the airport, however  in effect there would ultimately be no need to visit the check-in desk.

Dubai Airports additionally aim to streamline the security and immigration processes to create a notably faster and more efficient process as the destination as a whole strides towards its expectation of 100 million passengers annually by 2020. Point of fact that Dubai International Airport became the world’s busiest international airport in 2014, with a recorded 74 million passengers.