Adventure: Winter Wakeskating in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Getting the Shot
Professional wakeskater Brian Grubb first came up with the idea to try his sport in winter when his team found the perfect location in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Originally we were thinking about riding there in the summer, but when we saw pictures of the creek [in] the winter, we knew it would be a perfect location to try winter wakeskating.” It took a good bit of preplanning to pull off the run, including setting up poles in the summertime, when the ground was soft, so they could place the winch in the appropriate place.

“We would set up a line when the weather was cloudy and snowy and hope it wouldn't be snowed in when the light was good enough for shooting," recalls the New Hampshire native. "The ideal conditions for us were fresh, untracked snow and sunshine. Because the weather changed so often, we only got those conditions for three hours during the entire week we were there.”
Source: National Geographic, Photograph by Predrag Vuckovic