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2014 the year of airline accidents and incidents, but what about the Air France Air Safety record closer to home?

2014 was an dramatic year where airline accident and incidents was concerned. We can all recall the 2 major Malaysian Airlines incidents which dominated the media and generated much conspiracy. Just before the end of the year Air Asia experienced it's first ever major accident.

At PT, we would like to remind our readers if they are considering never to fly on an Aisan Airline again that some of our European National Carriers do not have great records either, in particular Air France.

The cold reality is frightening to say the least for flight AF447 whereby 228 people died somewhere in the Atlantic, For the Perpetual Travellers amongst us, especially those that have frequented this route on previous occasions, this situation is most alarming. A number of concerning Air accidents have occurred on a worldwide scale and it has come to the point when one needs to check the safety record of an airline before committing to fly with them.

So while on the topic, what of the Air France’s…