The penny finally drops at Ryanair as they transform into a super family-friendly airline

What an amazing turnaround for the once nickle and dime airline that used to treat its passengers as people to fleece, and even considered to charge for toilet visits. If you have never been on a Ryanair flight before, then read the below article to get a taste of the former experience.

Daring to fly with Ryanair

Ryanair issued 2 profit warnings in the past year, blaming the impact of:

  • The strong pound
  • High fuel costs
  • Increased competition
They claim these factors forced the airline to cut fares, however there was no mention publicly of the poor passenger experience.

The penny has now dropped and things are now set to change as a result of Ryanair's "Always Getting Better programme" which pledges a commitment to the continued improvement of the customer experience.

The first interesting measure is the "Ryanair Family Extra", which offers families a range of discounts and an improved service for people travelling with children.
As a result families will now be offered:
  • 50% allocated seating discounts on children’s seats
  • 50% off checked-in bags for children
  • Discounted priority boarding
  • 50% off travel insurance for children
  • Reduced infant fees (now £20)
  • Free 5kg infant bag allowance
With respect to babies, Ryanair bosses announced that bottle warming and baby changing facilities will feature on board every plane (naturally most parents expect this anyhow). Families will also be permitted 2 free pieces of infant equipment in the hold, such as:
  • Buggies
  • Booster seats
  • Car seats
  • Travel cots
As an extra added bonus, frequent fliers will be blessed with a Fly & Save bonus, giving them no less than 20% off their 3rd family flight, when their family fly twice.

No doubt this is welcome news for all families across Europe and is a breathe of fresh air to see such a positive approach by Ryanair after years of negativity.

In the big Ryanair picture, this is the latest news in a sequence of customer experience improvements including but not limited to:
  • Proper allocated seating
  • A free second carry-on bag
  • Reduced fees
  • A new website
Next on the agenda for Ryanair is:
  • A brand new app
  • Mobile boarding passes (launch July 2014)
  • A tailored business product
  • Continued low fares
Perpetual Traveller has been a staunch critic of Ryanair in the past however we fully endorse these Proper changes and trust they will be followed through with the same positive spirit they were announced.

It seems that even with Ryanair the passenger experience is important after all!