The paradox of temperatures when travelling

Our crazy world is often upside down and turned-around. Why is it that when one packs for travel to Miami, Manila or Marrakesh in the summer, it's necessary to bring a jumper, long trousers and warm clothes? 

Of course this is because the air-conditioning temperature is so cold indoors, as the thermostat is often set as low as 16 degrees Celsius. I know a sanitation expert in Miami that claims it's best to set the thermostat at such low temperatures, because it kills certain viruses etc. Recently in Manila I was conducting a training course for new Instructors and had to take the class out of the classroom every hour or so to thaw out, due to extremely cold temperatures. Some of my participants even wore wooly hats and Jackets!

At the other end of the scale, when packing for Munich, Manchester or Montreaux at the height of winter, it's necessary to bring shorts, light T. Shirts and Flip Flops as the heat inside most facilities is best described as tropical! Here the thermostat is too often set at 28 degrees Celsius, which is utter madness!

The challenge here is more serious, as temperature extremes (indoors and outdoors) cause all manner of illnesses such as sore throats, influenza, colds, chills, even pneumonia and the list goes on. What's even worse is that the electricity or fuel required to over-cool or over-heat is excessive and besides the unnecessary cost, our poor environment on planet earth continues to suffer, whatever your opinions are about global warming or climate change.

Airports and Airlines seem to suffer from this same industrial disease and sometimes it seems like the management is hell bent on over-heating or over-cooling the indoor environment. This is a really annoying factor for travellers, as we naturally dress according to the season, yet within the airport or plane it's all too often necessary to strip off or load up.

To illustrate the point, I recently flew from Larnaca airport in Cyprus to Athens. The airport was to too warm, so I took my coat off and walked around with a light shirt. Upon arrival to my Aegean plane the heat was over-bearing (otherwise an excellent flight), so I had to put the air vent on and keep popping to the toilet to swill my face with cold water. How absurd is that! I would love to see the calculation of the fuel consumption (for which the passenger ultimately pays) on that Aegean plane.

Normal ideal room temperature should be set at 22-24 degrees Celsius. As an international educator I know all too well that within this temperature range I can expect the best performance and memory recall, which works for virtually all cultures.

Travel rant aside, let this be a pleasant request for all Airports, Airlines and facilities overseas to better regulate temperatures that will improve our travel experience from minimizing illness to taking a more environmentally friendly approach. Not forgetting of course to improve comfort level for us Perpetual Travellers across the planet!