Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Hawaii

Where? North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

When? February 27 - March 2, 2014 

In a world of information overload and with the inexorable drive towards trans-humanism, it’s encouraging to see a Yoga global festival phenomenon rising in popularity. 

Wanderlust's rise is like a breath of fresh air and reflects the fact that many people are awakening across planet earth!

Jeff Krasno, co-founder of Wanderlust, created a gathering for holistically-minded and health-conscious folks of the world. In 2009, he combined Yoga with live music, farm-to-table food, outdoor adventure, inspirational speakers, a healing vibe, and a beautiful Lake Tahoe setting, and Wanderlust was born. 

Since then, Krasno, co-founder Sean Hoess and Krasno's wife Schuyler have expanded to eight festivals in 3 countries as well as 5 day-long Festivals in major US cities.