The Top Rude Passenger Behaviors you Want to Avoid

Passengers participating in this interesting and noteworthy survey were asked which type of passenger to sit next to on the plane they consider the most disliked one.

The answers they gave were extremely familiar to quite every traveller!

These are the 6 types of passengers we all look to avoid when travelling:
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Cougher-Sneezer
  • Large
  • Chatty
  • Child
  • Snorer
When asked about all the passenger behaviors they see as the rudest, the 1532 surveyed passengers were given the opportunity to choose 2 of them. So, let's have a quick look!
919 passengers consider seat kicking very disrespectful
827 of them think that loud talking is the most inappropriate thing to do on plane
460 travellers find seat reclining terribly rude
276 of the surveyed passengers consider arm rest hogging uncivil
245 of them believe that stinky food eating is very rude and
107 passengers find that unwelcomed conversing is unusually wrong

Are you a passenger to stay away from?

We would be very glad if you shared with us your story or personal travel experience!

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