Why is Airline food such an anti-climax?

In the event you are reading this article and share the view that airline food seems to always be bland and completely tasteless, new research demonstrates that the specific type noise which fills the cabin air actually affects our taste buds. The impact is to reduce our sensitivity to salty/savory and sweet food.

Interestingly NASA supplies its astronauts with strong foods, due to the fact that whilst in flight they are not able to sense the taste of food in the same way as on planet earth. The answer again leads to this special kind of noise.

The actual research experiment conducted by the journal Food Quality and preferences featured 48 blind-folded volunteers, which were fed salty food like ordinary crisps in addition to sweet foods such as biscuits, whilst they listened to silence or a special noise through headphones.

Each volunteer was tasked to rate the each food sampled for flavor and enjoyment.

The overriding conclusion was that the evidence points to this effect being down to where the attention lies. For example if the background noise is loud it may draw one's attention to it and away from the food.

Results also demonstrated that the background simulated air-borne noise led to the conclusion that they were rated as less salty or less sweet by the volunteer tasters. Moreover, they were also perceived as more crunchy.

So there you have it, the truth about Airline food! Perhaps the Low Cost Airlines got it right after all, by not forcing us to eat with inclusive food. One certainly has to question the logic of so called 5 star Airlines, claiming a superior quality of food, as they cannot provide the right environment to eat it. Therefore the food in Forst Class and Business may all be hype after all.

At Perpetual Traveller Overseas we suggest that you focus your attention in-flight on a good book instead, a decent Movie, a play on the i-pad or stimulating conversation with the person next to you!