Virtual Office, the ideal solution for Travellers

Good news for Perpetual Travellers around the world. You no longe have to take days off work to travel. In today's world of interconnectivity and low-cost flights, business, travel and private life can all integrated. After all Life is Life! Subsequently Entrepreneurs and Businessmen alike can now operate an international operation from Laptop on the move!

It's possible to be in one place on earth and have your business on the other corner of the globe! Moreover, the only way to live life to the full today is to effectively combine work, leisure and technology to enrich all 4 parts of our nature (MIND / BODY / HEART / SPIRIT)! 

You now may be asking yourselves "How is that ever going to work?"
We have got the answers to all your questions. 

Setting up a Virtual Office is the new way of thinking when it comes to business now. Essentially it means having one location office registered address for mail, correspondence and communication (if need be). This innovative concept empowers Perpetual Travellers, small/medium businesses (SME), Entrepreneurs and individual Consultants such as Lawyers, Teachers, Therapists and Psychologists, to manage their professional office presence without the ned for a high price tag along with utility costs. 

Virtual Office Cyprus is just the ticket, as it features a wide range of facilities and services including but not limited to:
  • Registered Company Address in Cyprus
  • Mail reception and forwarding
  • Fax Reception and Forwarding
  • Contact Telephone with answering service (optional)
  • Dedicated Phone line (optional)
  • Boardroom Rental on demand
  • Fully equipped Office Rental
  • Training room facilities
  • Digital document management and cloud storage (as required)
All of these services are offered in various proactive packages to suit each individual need and Budget. In all cases however the cost is a fraction of a usual office set-up.

Virtual Office Packages

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