Top Worldwide Events in February 2015

February is derived from the Latin word "februum" which means purification from the the purification ritual called Februa that was held on February 15th in the old lunar Roman calendar.

When most people think of February, usuallyValentine's Day springs to mind, however there is a lot more to look forward to in February 2015, even though it's the shortest month of the year. February is packed with many Holidays, Sporting events, Carnivals, and celebrations of Historic events around the world.

Of course February also marks the pinnacle of Carnival season around the world, the greatest Carnival of all being in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ski lovers will no doubt flock to the slopes across Europe this February in and around the Alps.

Wherever you are this February, stay positive and remember that life is short, so enjoy it while you can!

Here below are the Top Worldwide Events in February 2015