American Airlines and US Airways Joined Forces

American Airlines and US Airways Group joined forces shaping world's largest airline despite the US Government contrast to approve merging. American government argued that unification of both companies will result to stifled competition and increase in the price of air fares.

Both airlines agreed to relinquish at least 50 paired take offs and landing slots at Virginia's Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and 17 more at LaGuardia Airport in New York. Both carriers own the 69% of Reagan National slot, however once the slots arrangement is implemented this share will reduced to approximately 57%, while both airlines have requested to make slots available to other carriers at airports in Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker supports that the latest developments will not affect the company's ability to fly and describes merger as a great growth opportunity.

As a combined force, both companies will operate around 6,700 flights a day and earn approximately $40 billion yearly. The airline force will have some 900 commercial aircraft in its fleet and employ 95,000 employees.

Both Airlines were originally established in the 1930s.