The World’s Worst Tourism Slogans

It seems like every country or region in the world these days is a "Wanna Be" when it comes to Tourism. New market are constantly opening with new authorities getting in on the act. This in turn points a lot of people that don't really know what they are doing along with some spectacularly bad slogans!

Here are s few World's Worst contenders:
  1. Hilton: “Travel should take you places” - Indeed it should, but for a major Hotel chain it's rather a pointless statement. Perhaps Travel could “take you some place fascinating”. One only wonders how many people stayed at the Hilton because "Travel should take you places?". 
  2. Fargo, North Dakota’s “Always Warm!” - They are having a laugh! Anyone that has actually been there knows it’s warm in the summer and hellish cold for the remainder of the year. Perhaps this slogan was referring to the Hospitality, however  it does not say that!
  3. British Colombia’s  “The Best Place on Earth” - Words like ambitious come to mind or even arrogant. In reality such over-stated slogans are for what of better words and reflect a sincere lack of thought.
  4. “Andalucia. There’s only one.” - This would  be the same for every single Tourism region on the planet, which demonstrates the senseless nature of this slogan. 
  5. Annapolis, Maryland’s “Come Sail Away” - This slogan is effectively inviting visitors to come and leave, presumably by boat. Such a slogan may potentially work for a Cruise Line, but does not wash for Maryland.
  6. “Wales. The Big Country” - Sorry to say for all Welsh people, but Canada is a relatively big country and dwarfs Wales. So does China, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, the US and many others. What were they thinking for a country within a country! 
  7. Indonesia's national slogan for "Visit Indonesia Year" in 2008: "Indonesia. Celebrating 100 years of nation's awakening". Here there is an obvious issue with the English in addition to the fact it sounds like the country just woke up!
We challenge all readers to help us find some more really awful slogans!
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  1. The worst ever was Indonesia's national slogan for "Visit Indonesia Year" in 2008:

    "Indonesia. Celebrating 100 years of nation's awakening."


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