Unknown and Weird Regulations Around the World

Have you ever wondered that you might do something illegal when you traveling, without knowing it? It might seems weird, but some countries have regulations that are not known to the tourists. What is more, sometimes can even get someone in jail or at least, has to pay a fine!

It is important for all tourist to have in mind that several restrictions and local norms are extremely different from country to country. Thus, it would be better before visiting a specific destination, to know about their various set of laws in order to avoid any trouble.

British Foreign Affairs Office notes that the majority of the tourists who came across with ‘’illegal activities’’ have traveled at Netherlands, Italy and United Arabic Emirates!

Thus, we present you some of these unique and not so-known policies and regulations:

Although in Netherlands is legal to use ‘’soft drugs’’, is only allowed to use them in certain places! The possession of any illegal drugs or their purchase outside this places can get someone in prison!

Venice: In Venice, it is illegal to feed pigeons in public areas. If you caught feeding them, you have to pay a large fine.

Japan: It is illegal currying with you any nasal sprays that contain pseudoephedrine.

Barcelona: It is against the law to wear a bikini, swimsuit or walk around topless if you are not around the coast.

Singapore: You are going to get a fine if you are chewing a gum while using any local public transportation.

Thailand: Is against the law to import more than 200 cigarettes from Thailand. You are not only going to pay a large fine but also your cigarettes are going to be confiscated

Italy (Florence): You are not allowed to sit on stairs or around yards. Also is illegal eating or drinking around churches and public buildings. Some of these fines are said to be really expensive!

Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia you are prohibited to take photos of any government buildings, military bases and palaces. In case you caught by police taking pictures of these places, you are going to get arrested!

Nigeria: Even this seems to be really strange, it is illegal to carry with you still bottled water!

Fiji: Do not sunbath topless!

Maldives: Tourist and non locals are not allowed to engage with any religious activities other than Islam.