Cheap flights and their principles - Why are they so cheap?

There are several low cost airlines around the world. However, all differ in their service and what they offer but many of them are following specific principles in order to lower their costs and gain money.

For all those wondering why some airlines are cheaper than others, we present you some of their key principles and we explain how do they manage to offer cheap flight tickets to travelers.
  • Standardized fleet: This might include lower training, lower maintenance costs, purchasing many aircrafts in order to achieve a discount.
  • Another key principle is to keep only the essential features. Some of these might be reclining seats, pilot auto-throttle and frequent flyer schemes.
  • They prefer to use secondary airports that cost less, in order to decrease their landing fees.
  • Many low-cost airlines prefer to have many flights per day in order to be as less time on the ground as possible and pay lower airport charges.
  • They also achieve to reduce their costs by not having calling centers and are only operating internet websites, where someone can book and customize a flight.
  • Also online check in does not only help passengers to save time but at the same time helps companies to reduce the cost of operating desks at the airport.
  • Most of these low-cost airlines impose baggage charges. Fewer bags mean faster loading of aircraft. On the other hand, extra luggage means extra revenue.
  • Their staff is trained to do multiple jobs. For example, a cabin crew can also engage with checking tickets at the gate or cleaning the aircraft.
  • Hedge fuel costs: With no doubt, fuel is expensive thus, they buy it in advance when it is cheaper.
  • Extra features and services are charged: Some of them include on-board services, reserved seating, extra baggage, headphones, pillows etc.
  • They do not use reserved seating or they just split people in groups. If any passengers want to get a ‘’good’’ seat, they pay an extra amount and they are boarded before others.
  • A large number of airlines of this category charge for last minute baggage check-in.
  • They are trying to reduce the weight of the aircraft through several tactics. Some of them are less baggage, very little extra fuel etc. 
Also we present you some interesting facts about low-cost airlines:
  • easyJet was the first company who started charging for coffee.
  • The cheaper the ticket, the less likely it is you'll be flying at a time of day that suits you.
  • Ryanair is expecting to carry more than 81,5 million passengers this year.