5 of the Cheapest Booking Sites

Booking holidays is said to be easy, especially now days. Internet gives us now the opportunity to come across with a variety of different travel booking sites, that promise us cheap airplane tickets, discounted hotel rooms and low-price rental cars.

Thus, for all those who want to get away from home for vacations and for all those who are planning a big family trip,we have listed 5 of the cheapest booking sites!

1. Kayak promises cheap booking on airfares, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. This specific site is going through hundreds of travel and booking sides and provides you the lowest price.
2. Hipmunk is also said to be one of the cheapest and most fun booking sites globally. The specific company got really good comments from Time Magazine, CNN and Forbes. A really easy website that works for everybody!
3. Travelocity is very similar to Kayak and is one of the oldest Websites of travel search. Gives to its users the opportunity to seek for flights, hotels, rental cars or train tickets! This website is like a virtual travel agent and promises cheap bookings! In addition, you can book specific events! 
4. Priceline site offers a variety of really good deals, regarding price. This travel search engine is similar to Travelocity and there you can search for plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises or vacation packages. 
5. ITA Software's Matrix Airfare Search is a relatively new flight search engine but still a very popular one. Also, it gives the opportunity to iOS and Android users to download its application. In addition, was also purchased by Google so... probably is a really good one!