10 of the Most Bike Friendly Cities in Europe

As cycling becomes an alternative way of life, a large number of cities are investing in order to become ''Bicycle Paradise''!

We hereby present you with 10 cities all over the world that are claimed to be a dream for every cyclist:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Amsterdam with no doubt is the most popular bike-friendly city in the world! Dutch have all the necessary facilities and infrastructure in order to feel comfortable and safe cycling there.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is also another really popular bike-friendly and aims for 50% modal share! At the same time, a great number of bicycle infrastructure projects are underway, such as bicycle and pedestrian bridges, bicycle highways and more efficient bike networks.

3. Utrecht, Netherlands
A superb city in which to ride a bicycle! Utrecht is not as big as the previous cities but can be said is a world-leader among other smaller cities for showing what it can be achieved regarding bicycle traffic. 

4. Seville, Spain
When there is a will, there is a way! Just imagine that from a modal share of 0.5% in 2006, the city has achieved a 7% and aims to increase it up to 15%.

5. Bordeaux, France 
In the past 5 years, Bordeaux has invested in bike lands and cycle tracks and shows that is taking bicycle transport seriously! Their aim is to build one of the best and more friendly bicycle cities around the world. Of course, their relatively new tramway network helps that!

6. Nantes, France
Nantes was awarded as the ‘’Green Capital of Europe’’ for 2013 and is one city that takes cycling seriously! Just take into account that the city will spend €40 million on cycling infrastructure and facilities between 2009 and 2014.

7. Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp is another relatively new bike-friendly city in Europe. With a modal share of 16% in the city, it is obvious that the bicycle is a major transport mode.

8. Eindhoven, Netherlands
Another really bike-friendly city in Netherlands, something that shows that Dutch know about alternative ways of transportation and how to make their cities to be more ecological.

9. Malmö, Sweden
Malmo plans to invest €47 million in the next seven years in order to boost bicycle traffic. Also its "No Ridiculous Car Trips" campaign has achieved to increase bicycle communications and modal share!
10. Berlin, Germany
Cycling in Berlin is a really important form of transport. 500,000 daily bike riders and a modal-share of 13%!